City Hall to host first ever ‘Chavacano Bailecion’ tilt PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 19 February 2016 11:43


A group of students numbering 20 to 30 performs a dance to tell a story based on the lyrics of a song accompanied by live musical instruments.

That, in a nutshell, is the concept of a musical play, totally a different genre of performing arts and literature combined.

Dr. Jose Genaro R. Yap-Aizon, assistant city administrator, calls it “Bailecion,” his own brainchild to boost the city government’s efforts at promoting and preserving not only the Chavacano language but the cultures, values and traditions of the Zamboangueños as well through the performing arts.

And, Dr. Aizon announced yesterday that the city government will conduct the first ever “Chavacano Bailecion” Competition on March 4 at the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU).

The competition is open to all bona fide students from across all levels of the educational institutions in Zamboanga City.

At least 14 schools have already signed up for the competition, of which the winners will receive cash prizes—P20,000 for the first, 2nd is P15,000 and P10,000 for 3rd.

Dr. Aizon said representatives from different schools have attended a three-day training on “Bailecion,” a word which he himself has coined from the Chavacano words “baile” (dance) and “cancion” (song).

The training was sponsored by the city government last Jan. 27 to 29 at Woodland Resort in Culianan.

According to Aizon, he conceptualized the “Chavacano Bailecion” after attending recently an international conference on cultures and arts where a “Sayawit” was performed.

The term “Sayawit” comes from Filipino words “sayaw” for dance and “awit” for song.

He explained though that the whole idea of the country’s “Sayawit” and his own version “Bailecion” for Zamboanga was patterned after that of Russia’s.

“But, I made my own concept, mechanics and guidelines different for our Chavacano Bailecion Competition,” said Dr. Aizon, who is also the concurrent Special Executive Assistant to the Mayor on Cultures, History and Arts.

Under the guidelines, the “Chavacano Bailecion” Competition includes three basic components: El musica del Bailecion, El lyrico del Bailecion, and El baile del Bailecion.

Aizon further emphasized that the core of the story concept in every Bailecion group performance must depict the old Zamboanga culture, values and traditions.

It may include but not limited to social issues, gender roles and conflicts, ethnic beliefs, cultural myths and stereotypes, and human conditions.

Judging is based on four components—the music of Bailecion, the concept and lyrics of the song of Bailecion, the performance of music, and performance of dance.

The criteria generally cover originality, relevance, choreography and creativity, musicality, melody, costume, and overall impact, among others.

Registration is deemed complete upon submission of the accomplished forms together with the story concept, lyrics of the song, music written in notation, and compact disc or CD of the song.

The 14 participating schools are Pillar College, Zamboanga National High School-West, WMSU, Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College, Southcom National High School, Regional Science High School, Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School, Pasonanca National High School, Maria Clara Lobregat National High School, Immaculate Conception Archdiocesan School, Talon-Talon National High School, Southern City Colleges, Zamboanga State Colleges of Marine Sciences and Technology, and Universidad de Zamboanga.— Vic Larato