Beng renews appeal for water conservation, no pit burning PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 February 2016 11:38

Mayor Beng Climaco renews her appeal for residents of the city to conserve water and energy in the light of the long dry spell brought about by the El Niño phenomenon.

At the same time, the mayor reiterated her call for the public to avoid open pit burning as this may spread and cause damage to lives and properties.

Even as the local government in coordination with other agencies is aggressively addressing the effects of the long dry spell, residents of the city are also oblige to do their share by conserving water and power and to forestall incidents that may cause bigger problems, according to the mayor.

She said in their own little way, the residents have the capacity to help mitigate the impact of the dry spell.

The Fire Department has recorded a number of grass or bush fire incidents in the city since the start of the dry spell. The fires started with open pit burning that spread out to bushes and buildings.

Other than water conservation and avoiding pit burning, people are also called upon to continuously cooperate and support the authorities in crime prevention by immediately reporting the presence of suspicious individuals or baggage/items as well as abandoned vehicles in their area.

“We also renew our call for residents to refrain from forwarding unverified text messages to prevent panic and confusion,” the mayor added. — Sheila Covarrubias