Initial cloud seeding brings rains, but not yet enough PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 February 2016 11:52


City Agriculturist Diosdado Palacat assures Zamboangueños that the city government will continue to work on mitigating the adverse effects of the El Niño phenomenon in the city.

Two cloud seeding operations were conducted last week to encourage rainfall that will help alleviate the pressure on the city’s water supply, agriculture, power generation, among others.

“During the first cloud seeding activity, there were seedable clouds but the temperature was low, the pressure was very low. Quiere cay ulan pero nuay puede cay,” he told reporters during the regular press briefing at city hall Monday.

The second attempt was more successful in that it produced precipitation.

According to Palacat, last Friday’s rainfall increased the water level from 5mm to 8mm. On Saturday morning, there was rain at Sitio Cabonegro and Sitio Labuyo which further increased water level to 10-12mm. Another rainfall was also recorded on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the city agriculturist disclosed, the resulting rainfalls were not sufficient enough.

“The rain is not so significant to increase the water level cay tan dissipate lang quel,” he disclosed.

Nevertheless, the local government is hopeful that cloud seeding operations will produce the desired results.

As of Monday, damage to the city’s agriculture sector has reached P19.8M which, the city official fears, can still go up in March. — Claudine Uniana