To ensure order, security on Dia: Traffic rerouting, PUJ terminals transfer set PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 February 2016 11:48



Mayor Beng Climaco has issued an executive order mandating the temporary traffic rerouting and transfer of PUJ terminals in the city on Friday, Feb. 26 to help ensure order and security during the celebration of the 79th Dia de la Ciudad de Zamboanga.

Executive Order 163-2016 will take effect from 2pm to 6pm on Feb. 26 during which the grand civic military parade from Ledesma Street to Paseo del Mar and the main program at Paseo del Mar will be held.

The order includes the temporary transfer of the terminal of UV van, Suterville, San Roque, Baliwasan, Cabatangan, Ayala to Tomas Claudio Street (at the back of Zambo West Elem. School); whole stretch from intersection of Tomas Claudio-Calixto to junction Gov. Lim Ave.-Mercado extension One Vehicle Parallel Parking on right side; whole stretch of junction J.S. Alano St.- Mercado Street- Gov. Lim Avenue One Vehicle Parallel Parking on right side; whole stretch from junction I. Magno-Zaragoza St. to junction P. Brillantes to P. Reyes Street will be a no parking zone; whole stretch from junction P. Brillantes to La Purisima to junction I. Magno to La Purisima St. will be a no parking zone; whole stretch from P. Brillantes St- Campaner St. to intersection Campaner St.-La purisima will be one side parking right side (facing north); the whole stretch from intersection of La Purisima-Campaner St. to Campaner-Nunez St will be no parking zone; terminals of Pasonanca, Sta. Maria and Abong-abong will transfer to Nunez St (storage terminal for loading and unloading); the whole stretch from intersection Gov. Lim Ave.- Nunez street to Nunez St-Gov. Alvarez St. will be one side parking left side (facing north) and vehicles from Nunez-Campaner St. should turn left to Campaner St. (Unitop) and left turn to Campaner St. (TV 5).

On the other hand, vehicles from Nunez-Campaner St. should turn left to La Purisima towards Puericulture Center; vehicles from La Purisima will be no right turn to P. Brillantes St.-Tomas Claudio St. and Gov. Lim Ave. instead turn left to ZCMC or straight to I. Magno st. and turn left to P. Lorenzo St.; vehicles from Saavedra st. turn left to Gov. Lim Ave. going ZCMC or straight to P. Lorenzo and turn left to Pilar St. going to SCC; vehicles from Pilar St. turn right to Gov. Lim turn right to Nunez or straight to Veterans Ave.; No Parking zone both sides from junction P. Lorenzo-Gov. Lim Ave. towards intersection Veterans-Gov.Lim Ave.; All vehicles from west coast and vice versa wants to go to East or West coast will pass Gov. Camins Ave.; No Parking Zone from junction Varela-T. Claudio St. to junction Magay-Varela St.; Parking will be allowed at the whole stretch of Legionnaire St. for 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled vehicles; exclusive parking of 4-wheeled vehicles at Plaza del Pilar; for the duration of the City Government activity at Paseo del Mar, no motor vehicles shall be parked thereat from 3pm-7pm.

The mayor’s executive order also strictly prohibits the flying of drones in the area during the conduct of the activity as well as no wearing of bullcaps and carrying of backpacks at Paseo del Mar and those who insist shall be barred entry. —  Sheila Covarrubias