ON CCC’s 100th BIRTHDAY ( City Hall to release Chavacano comics ) PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 February 2016 13:56


Another Chavacano publication has just come off the press and will soon be given away to the public—this time in comic series about the life and works of Zamboanga’s legendary mayor, the late Cesar Cortez Climaco.

Dr. Jose Genaro R. Yap-Aizon, assistant city administrator, announced yesterday the Chavacano comics published by the local government unit of Zamboanga will be formally launched on Feb. 28, marking CCC’s 100th birth anniversary.

Titled “El Vida de Cesar C. Climaco,” the comics come in three parts—“Part 1: Cesar Como un Bata” is written by Gabriel Perez, “Part 2: Cesar Cuando na Secondaria” written by Anthony Diaz Verzosa, and “Part 3: Si Cesar Como un Contrario del Soborno Y Corrupcion,” written by Raymund Nonato Faustino, all illustrated by Victor Ian Marcos Covarrubias.

Dr. Aizon said the publication of the Chavacano comic series is in line with the city government’s sustained efforts, programs and activities geared towards the promotion and preservation of Zamboanga City’s unique language called Chavacano, which is a Spanish creole language.

In her message, Mayor Beng Climaco said the publication is a tribute to CCC for his charisma, courage and compassion.

“Su maga legacia na ciudad de Zamboanga ta continua beneficia el presente generacion y el maga generacion que viene,” (His legacy in the city of Zamboanga continues to benefit the present generation and the generations to come) Mayor Climaco said.

She further said that Mayor Cesar C. Climaco, her uncle, was an important figure in Zamboanga City’s colorful history, and even to this day, those who are familiar with his legacy, continue to celebrate his life.

“While his name has become synonymous to courage and toughness, he is also remembered for his colorful personality, particularly his long hair and his fondness for children,” Climaco said of his uncle.

Even with his great accomplishments, however, CCC is unknown to many of today’s Zamboangueños, mostly the younger generations.

This, the mayor explained, is the reason for the city government to publish and release the Chavacano comic series, reintroducing one of the most flamboyant Zamboangueños.

“Through these comics, the readers will be introduced to and know more about Cesar Climaco—his life, his passion, his advocacies,” the chief executive said, hopping also to rekindle the readers’ immense love for Zamboanga, sense of heroism and the courage to stand for what is right in each and every Zamboangueño.— Vic Larato