Zambo folks told brace for tougher water rationing PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 February 2016 14:00

The city’s water consumers are advised to prepare for an impending imposition of a new water rationing schedule as the Zamboanga City Water District reports water inflow to its production plants continue its sharp decline.

In an emergency meeting held yesterday at the water district boardroom, ZCWD engineers reported water inflow from its main tributaries are down by as much as 59 percent.

At normal times, Tumaga Riverstream flow is at a high of 9,300 cubic meters per hour of which 5,000 cubic meters per hour is required at the production plant at any given time.

Stream flow yesterday was at 2,500 cubic meters per hour or 50 percent less of what is required.

If the trend continues, by the end of the month projection indicates stream flow will be at 2,000 cubic meters per hour way below required production levels.

Water elevation at the diversion dam, a key indicator of the state of the current water supply, has dipped to 73.89 meters way below the normal level of 74.20 meters.

Cloud seeding operations, seen to offer relief to the hot dry spell has so far failed to bring in the rains which could have rejuvenated the Tumaga River and improve water supply.

The district’s executive committee is bent on managing scant water supply even as it plan to impose a new water rationing scheme in the next few days.

Among the possible measures is to impose a water distribution plan providing water every other day to households for certain number of hours.

This will allow the ZCWD the opportunity to buffer water pressure that all areas to be served will get water on the designated hours.

The present situation requires the daily injection by water tankers in areas that are high in elevation and far flung service areas.

Its present seven-tanker fleet works around the clock to truck water to these areas.

The fleet gets augmented soon by the arrival of three fifteen thousand liter water lorries procured by the ZCDRRMO under Dr. ElmeirApolinario while another six lorries currently being fast tracked for procurement by ZCWD to improve its water delivery system.

These units are expected to arrive by next month.

PAGASA has declared the city is currently experiencing one of the worst ‘El Niño’ weather Phenomenon.

El Niño is characterized by extreme dry spell and hot weather.

This has adversely affected the city’s vital water supply which is chiefly supplied by the Tumaga River.

The city water supply is 80 percent surface water while the other 20 percent is supplied by twenty two underground production wells. — Ed Baños, CREAS ZCWD