Police recover Toyota Avanza after shootout with carnapper PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 February 2016 13:23


Policemen recovered a stolen Toyota Avanza after a short exchange of gunfire with a carnapper in Mampang last Saturday afternoon.

Police Station 6 in Tetuan had received a report on Saturday night that a Toyota Avanza with plate number ABA-6926 owned by Mr. Abubakar Mustafa and Mrs. Susie Mustafa was discovered missing inside their residence at Bell Air Subdivision in Tetuan Extension.

Ocular investigation showed that the carnappers took the vehicle from the garage and a pair of Nike shoes belonging to Judimar Bucoy y Francisco, an adopted child of the couple.

Police said that the couple and the child were inside their house and the following day around 6:30 a.m. Judimar woke up and discovered an unusual bottle of mineral water near the telephone which was not supposed to in place as he is serving the couple. He also discovered his personal belongings in his room in disarray and his pair of Nike shoes was missing.

Moreover the Toyota Avanza parked in their garage was missing.

An alarm was flashed to all police and military units for possible recovery of the Avanza.

In the afternoon of the same day, policemen detailed at the Talon-Talon COMPAC spotted the carnapped vehicle cruising along the road prompting them to tail it.

However upon reaching Alvarez Drive in Mampang, the stolen vehicle bumped the police checkpoint barricade.

Policemen chased the vehicle. However the driver opened fire on the lawmen triggering a brief of exchange of gunfire.

When they reached Canelar-Mampang, the driver ran on foot  towards the interior abandoning Avanza.

Policemen discovered that the stolen vehicle had people aboard. They were identified as Raiha Wahab y Husin, 17, of  Enriquez Drive, Mampang, Maimuna Saluan y Hairal and her son Moamar Saluan y Hairal of Bench Drive, Arena Blanco.

Nurisa Sakib y Israel, 41, of Masepla 3, who was alighting from a passenger jeepney, was hit by a stray bullet in the thigh and was taken to the hospital.

Jarmiya Umarul y Amilhamja, 29, student of WMSU and a resident of Masepla 3 in Mampang who was also one of the passengers inside the stolen vehicle was injured in the body after jumping from the vehicle during the chase. He was taken to the hospital.

Police said that Umarul and the three other people aboard the stolen vehicle claimed that they were aboard a passenger jeepney coming from city proper and heading for Mampang when it suffered engine trouble near Alvarez Drive in Mampang.

When they alighted from the jeepney, the stolen vehicle arrived and the driver offered them a ride as he was on his way to Arena Blanco.  This was followed by the chase and the exchange of gunfire.

The stolen Avanza was taken to the police station while hot pursuit operation was still on going for the arrest of the suspect. – Dan Toribio Jr.