PAG-ASA concludes cloud seeding ops in Zambo City PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 March 2016 13:14


The PAG-ASA led cloud operations intended to help cushion the effects of El Niño concluded Sunday, February 28.

Though the rains it produced were not sufficient, the 20-hour cloud seeding operation in the city is viewed as successful in terms of the operational research and development where the team was able to prove the effectiveness of the seeding agent- the tiny sized, powdered type salt and were able to increase scientific understanding that will somehow improve technical capabilities in the field of meteorology.

Engr. Lorenzo Moron, PAG-ASA Project Coordination Officer said the main target of the cloud seeding operations were no the city proper but the watershed and agricultural areas. “Why? Because if we prioritize the watershed area, we can control and regulate the use of water but then again, we cannot control the environment but just the same we are doing our best to modify the weather”.

Per testimonies from pilots who maneuvered the planes used for the cloud seeding ops, Moron said, precipitation activities were experienced in the atmosphere but these were not penetrated on the ground probably due to the prolonged dry spell.

“We did not receive significant amount of rainfall because of the parameters of relative humidity which determines how or dry the atmosphere is,” the PAG-ASA official explained. “If the atmosphere is wet and there have been interventions then the rain will fall but if the relative humidity is low then no matter how we try to modify the weather it is quite difficult that the rain will fall and penetrate the ground.”

Nevertheless, Moron said there have been reports of rainfall from the different weather ground spotters spread all throughout the watershed area. Ground verifications were done in the barangays and people talked about experiencing persistent moderate to heavy precipitation the Saturday before last.

“We cannot really deny the fact that the cloud seeding operations have limitations, constraints and I want to emphasize, we want the kind understanding of the people especially those expecting significant rains through the city, it is not always the case,” Moron further said.

Moron and PAG-ASA team as well as the team of pilots from the Philippine Air Force led by Capt. Von Ryan Timbang, captain in command and City Agriculturist Diosdado Palacat presented the results of the cloud seeding operations during the City Hall press briefing Monday morning. — Sheila Covarrubias