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Thursday, 03 March 2016 12:04

Servant- leader  Mons iCri sDela Cruz   took  part in   the  City  Social Welfare  Field   Office  1  Day Care activity  last   February  28  for  the  King and Queen of Hearts  Coronation Ceremony   held at the  Recodo Multipurpose Hall.

The event was  participated   by    barangays  from Sinunuc  all the  way  to Limpapa.   Among those  who   were around  and  gave  their   support  were Barangay Chairman  Wahab Ibba and Kagawad Yusup of  Recodo, Kagawad  Ronald Lilio of La Paz,  Cawit Barangay Chairman   Rey Modillas and  Calarian Barangay   Chairman El King  Omaga.

“   I would like  to thank our  dear  day care  workers   for all  their  efforts    despite of    the   difficulties  they have to   face.  The  daycare  center  is  a  very  important  institution   for  the early development  of  our children. I also  would like to  acknowledge the parents  for  supporting   this     activity that will  greatly  benefit our  daycare centers,” Monsi said.

He also emphasized   that he is a  firm believer  in  education and formation. “The reason why I   came   up with two schools  called     Nuevo Zamboanga College   is   mainly  because   I want to make  sure that   students  despite of  poverty  should have  the  quality education they  deserve.  For  the  pioneering batch of    Nuevo   Zamboanga’s  BS   Criminology  students,  two of them  topped the board exams.  This only    proves that poverty is nota  hindrance to success and  quality need not be sacrificed  just because  you   are  underprivileged, “ he said. Monsi  is  vying  for  the  first   district   congressional seat  come  May   2016.