Quo vadis Zambo City? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 March 2016 14:35




Just at a time when economic activities start to perk up and our city starts to rise from the rubbles of the infamous MNLF siege, the situation begins to turn awry.

Hey, what’s wrong my dear city? Big-time investors are coming in, risking and investing their money even in these perilous times and here we are welcoming them with blackouts, lack of water, no internet connections for hours, defective telephone service, and heavy traffic? This is shameful! And shame on these incompetent and non-performing elected city officials who have never anticipated nor thought of resolving these problems pestering us for many years now. No clear and specific solutions to these problems were ever discussed and implemented and yet they still managed to be elected every election.

The city has all the potentials and resources to be the next “Dubai” in this part of the globe. It is strategically located in the center of the so-called BIMP-EAGA triangle. It has a plethora agricultural and marine products for exports. Its mountains are rich with minerals such as gold, copper and coal. It has vast tracks of land that can accommodate large factories. It has an excess of white-collar and blue-collar workers who are well-trained and could communicate in English without difficulty. Most importantly, it has a modern pier and airport that could facilitate the transport of cargoes to any part of the country.

Since the administration of the late Mayor Vitaliano Agan, no major road was ever opened and constructed to ease traffic congestion.Our city government was simply busy in implementing sub-standard infra projects that only benefitted private contractors.

As of yesterday, various Rotarians from the Rotary District 3850 arrived in this city for their annual District Convention. Present District Governor Oliver Ong took a gamble in hosting this year’s convention. With the aforementioned problems besetting our city, surely, there will be lots of bad commentaries and tales of experiences these delegates will relate when they return to their respective abodes.

More national conventions are scheduled in this city. Two years from now, the Mt. Apo No. 45, F&M will be celebrating its centennial year of existence.There will be thousands of Freemasons, together with their families from here and abroad, who will attend this momentous gathering. Will the city be ready to welcome these delegates?

Well, election is approaching and the best way to solve these problems is to replace these incompetent and non-performing city officials by those whose heart is truly for the advancement of Zamboanga City and who understand the true meaning of progress and development.