Monsi visits Southcom Village PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 March 2016 13:10

Servant leader  Monsi Cris Dela  Cruz  visited  Southcom  Village in  Barangay Calarian  this city. He was invited to attend the Southcom Homeowner’s   Association  Election last February  28, 2016.

Southcom  Village is  close to his  heart  because   at the  time  Monsi Cris was still  with the  Archdiocese of Zamboanga, he was assigned   at the said village for  seven months in 1992.  During that short span of time, Monsi was  able to  provide assistance  in  coming up with infrastructure projects, lot  donations  including  cementing of  roads  that    benefit  the   residents of  Southcom  until today.

Monsi, addressing the  homeowners , reminded  them that they should  support  each other always  despite of  differences.

“This place is  close to my heart.This  place  feels  like home, I will always  be at home in Southcom (Village). Despite of  diversity, we  must   remain united  as   homeowners because as the saying goes: In unity  there is  strength.”      The servant leader is   running   for Congress of the  1st district of  Zamboanga come May 2016.