Proposed Gender and Dev’t edict up for 2nd reading at City Council PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 July 2011 15:52

An ordinance adopting a Gender and Development  Code authored by Councilor Lilia Macrohon Nuño has been scheduled for second reading at the City Council.

Nuño, who is chairperson of the Council’s Committee on Women and Children, disclosed  that the legislative body as committee of the whole will schedule a debate and arguments for the passage of the proposed ordinance on second reading.

She said that before the scheduling of the second reading, the proposed code will be subject for public hearing  to be scheduled by her for all sectors concerned.
Under the proposed code, the city will be divided into six districts  to cater to the needs and for the development of women for them to become productive and active in all activities of the community.

The six proposed districts are  Manicahan, Tumaga, Ayala, Vitali, Curuan and Culianan.

The proposed code provides for training and budget for the women sector for them to be have a livelihood and productive. Each district officer will scout for women in their community who are interested to attend and join the training. Thereafter, they will be given livelihood assistance so that the what they will learn in the training will be implemented in their new endeavor.

Among the small businesses that they will learn for livelihood are dried fruit processing, marmalade, meat processing, pastries, cosmetology, sewing and cassava pastry and baking cakes. — Allen Abastillas