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Monday, 07 March 2016 13:38


BY Sarita Sebastian

I grew up with Time magazine, Reader’s Digest, National Geographic, Philippine Free Press , Zamboanga Times and the like.Thanks to my Late father Papa Charlie and My pacensiosa Mama Mila for influencing their kids to read a lot and appreciating the power of information.

As a result of my exposure I’ve learned to admire great women leaders in different parts of the world.The late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is one of them. I love her being resolute in decision making, plus the fact, her being straight forward in dealing with her counter parts.

Raisa Gorbachev. wife of the former USSR leader Mikail Gorbachev is also  included in my list. I totally live her classy style .Her  good relations with their people  has been known to be  exemplary. She knows her boundaries which make her countrymen admire her more.

Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. Who won’t admire her? I love her composure, especially during those times, when her husband  former US  President Bill Cinton was in a serious controversy involving Monica Lewinsky.  I cannot imagine how Hilary put up the shame and hurt she went through at that time. But in the end she came out victorious noting the various positions she’s held in the US gov’t,  more so with her latest endeavor. Really a tough mama I should say.

In our country, I’ve looked up to some women too. Oh gee,Mareng Winnie Monsod is one of my faves  .Boy, I so love her GUTS plus the fact that she is an intelligent woman. Take note, she was a former NEDA Director General lang ha!

Locally, nobody beats Tita Caling in my heart. I’ve known her since I was three years old. I get to see her every time Papa would bring me along as he visits her. But it wasn’t enough for me to know her then.

As I was growing up, reading the newspaper, magazines, watching news on TV and listening to radio commentaries, gave me the opportunity to know Tita Caling’s calling and that is to help those who have less in life without expecting any in return. She was a woman with a kind heart. She was the kind of  person who listens and sincerely gives  you advices without an iota of hypocrisy.

As we celebrate March as Women’s Month, we should take this opportunity to remember and be inspired by the good deeds of some beautiful women in this beautiful world. — Email me at sebastian.sarita@gmail.com