Fleet Marine post to lessen Zambo’s exposure to threats PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 11:39


The fleet marine detachment that broke ground in Rio Hondo yesterday will make the coastal barangay and Zamboanga City in general less vulnerable to different security threat groups.

Defense Undersecretary Jesus Melan said this during the groundbreaking ceremony where he represented Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, adding that the marine post will complement the existing patrol base in the area to ensure maritime security against approaching and sea-going lawless elements.

Usec. Melan further said the fleet marine detachment, which will cost P74.8-million, will further comfort the grief-stricken and traumatized people of Zamboanga following the siege in 2013.

“This is our commitment to continually sustain a security plan made concrete, reinforced defenses with greater military presence and stronger defense structure. All of these are embedded and embodied in the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Z3R,” Melan said.

The fleet marine detachment located at the former Mendeva property will have 6 guard towers, concrete road, administration building, guardhouse, a helipad, boat ramp, motorpool, messhall/gallery, boat shed, cistern tank and pump house with 10,000 liters capacity, armory with fence MPAC and NAVSOU buildings, among other facilities amounting to P74,76,000.00.

Recalling the infamous siege, Melan said the soil on which the marine detachment will rise has witnessed the gallantry of the soldiers and police personnel, the unity of the people and the resilience of the Zamboangueños.

“This is the same soil that received the attention and concern of the nation, and of the support and immediate response of government and inter-agency efforts,” Melan said.

“Almost three years later, here we are standing together on this very same ground for a very significant occasion that demonstrates our effort to uphold out commitment to protect national integrity and to ensure that safety of our fellow Filipinos here in Zamboanga,” he added.

Mayor Beng Climaco was represented by Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, who said the marine detachment in Rio Hondo will further intensify the existing security measures in the city.

Iturralde said yesterday’s groundbreaking was truly special, expressly in light of the siege that gripped the city and its people in terror.

“It has been almost three years since that unfortunate episode of our history, but we Zamboanguenos continue to show our resilience, our strength, our courage in the face of adversity,” he said, stressing that from when the siege broke out to the present, the military and police forces continue to show their commitment tokeep Zamboanga City and its people safe, to fight against internal and external threats.— Vic Larato)