All-Fish partylist vows to stand for fisheries sector Print
Thursday, 10 March 2016 13:38


The All-Fish partylist, newly accredited by the Commission on Elections,  has vowed to be the voice of the fisheries sector to ensure economic growth and food security of the country if given the chance in the May 9 elections.

The pledge was made by nominees Atty. Arnold Naval (1st nominee), Mr. Peter Paul Santos (2nd nominee), Mr. Edgar Lim, CPA, 3rd nominee and their chairman Mr. Alon Tan, during a press conference held at Skyview, Astoria Hotel Tower 2 along Mayor Jaldon Street.

The advocacies of the All Fish partylist include: To promote sustainable fishing through fight against blast fishing, care and renewal of coral reefs, fish in every plate (ensure food security, affordable fish for Filipinos), the protection of the fishermen and fisherfolks operating in the West Philippine Sea and Southern Philippine Waters.

The nominees also revealed their legislative agenda which is the social protection for members of the fish sector such as the formation of cooperatives for workers and their families in the fishery sector, provision of SSS by voluntary contribution of cooperative members and with LGU counterpart and the creation of a department of fishery.

The All Fish partylist is representing approximately to 1.654 million municipal, aquaculture and commercial operators.

Atty. Naval, the first nominee is a well known lawyer, currently serving as consultant of Inter-Island Deep Sea Fishing, Inc. He also participates in the consultations and lobbying of Republic Act 8550. He is active in forums involving discussions on affecting the Philippine fishing industry and conservation of its marine resources.

Santos, the second nominee, is a businessman and presently serving as a member of board of directors of Alliance of Fishing Federations, Inc. He is an active participant and organizer of activities such as but not limited to construction of artificial reefs to support marine conservation program and conduct free training seminars for fishing operators and fisher folks.

Lim, the third nominee is a certified public accountant, an experienced plant operations executive who has the ability to lead a diverse team of professionals in a highly competitive fish canning industry. He also held positions in organizations such as plant manager of Permex Producer and Exporter Corp. and council member of National Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council.

Atty. Jacqueline Anne Borres-Yao, also a known lawyer, retains clients engaging in fishing operations and fish brokerage. She also serves as the legal officer of Jumbo Fishing Corporation from 2012 up to present. She is an active participant and sometimes helps organize activities of Alliance of Philippine Fishing Federations, Inc. such as training seminars and free legal assistance.

Mrs. Leonida Jusay, fifth nominee is a teacher by profession and she serves as vice president for Central Visayas of Alliance of Philippine Fishing Federations, Inc. She held positions in organizations such as Treasurer of Jusay Fishing (1975 to present) and Treasurer of City Fisheries and Aquatic resources Management Council (2006 to present). – Dan Toribio Jr.