Mishap victim yields unlicensed firearm PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 11 March 2016 13:07

A man whose motorcycle figured in a road mishap was arrested for possession of an unlicensed machine pistol in Baliwasan Chico last Wednesday night.

Arrested was Nedzmir Mañalas y Sangkula, 40, married of Taluksangay.

Initial investigation showed that Mañalas was driving his Kawasaki Rouser motorcycle along Baliwasan Chico when a woman suddenly crossed the road.

Mañalas tried to evade but lost control of the steering wheel causing him to crash on the road.

When policemen of the Patrol Section responded to the accident, they recovered an UZI type of .45 caliber pistol from the possession of Mañalas.

The gun was turned over to the Police Station 11 while Mañalas who sustained injuries in the body was taken to the hospital.

Police have readied charges against Mañalas . – Dan Toribio Jr.