No on-the-spot visit by poll bets in IDP sites PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 March 2016 14:00

The city government is strictly implementing the “no pass, no entry” regulation for both local and national candidates to campaign into the transitory sites in this city.

Ma. Socorro Rojas, city social welfare and development officer, said the regulation is for the purpose of setting a schedule and to properly inform the internally displaced persons (IDPs) they have visitors.

Rojas said the purpose of the regulation is also to regulate the entry of visitors into the transitory sites.

The city government still maintains 12 transitory sites housing 2,900 families displaced during the 21-day September 2013 siege.

The transitory sites are located in Barangays Tulungatung, Upper Calarian, Rio Hondo and Mariki in the first district and in Barangays Kasanyangan, Mampang and Taluksangay in the second district.

Rojas said political parties that wish to campaign inside the transitory sites must inform them three days ahead of the scheduled date through a written communication.

The campaign for the national candidates is from February 9 to May 7 while the local candidates from March 25 to May 7.

Observers earlier criticized politicians trying to earn “pogi points” by visiting transition sites where they shoot “selfie” photos as part of their publicity maneuvers.