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Tuesday, 15 March 2016 14:59

Sound Snipings

BY Jimmy Cabato

Former Sen. Kit Tatad is still after the head of Sen. Grace Poe. With seeming point and wisdom, he says there is no such thing as a 9 - 6 majority vote declaring Sen. Grace Poe a natural-born citizen, qualified to run for President.

He said, this was revealed in the dissenting opinion of Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, who bared the real vote of seven in favor, five against, and three without an opinion on the issue of citizenship

Therefore, Tatad wrote, “Since the majority failed to rule on the two core issues of citizenship and residency, there is no legal basis for the ponencia written by Associate Justice Jose Perez to declare Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe Llamanzares “qualified to be a candidate for President in the National and Local Elections of May 9, 2016.”

However, as to how far Tatad will go in  his fight, is anybody’s guess. What with the suspected unseen hand of Malacañang in the issue!

* * * *

The way things are in the vice presidential race, the growing indication is that Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is on the way to victory. No amount of hate campaign that anti-Marcos forces wage seems to damage the image of Bongbong.

It is a given, that the Solid North will as usual go for a fellow Ilocano. Even in the Southern Tagalog region, Marcos has a base. So it is in the Visayas, particularly Leyte, the home base of the Romualdezes.

And it is now reported that Marcos is enjoying a groundswell of support in Mindanao after clinching the backing of the Katipunan Guardians Brotherhood (KGB) party-list.

And to think, rival Gringo Honasan is one of the top key men of the Guardians Brotherhood ion Manila.

The pledge of support was made over the weekend in Pagadian City, highlighted by the unanimous endorsement of all the mayors of 26 towns and one city in Zamboanga del Norte.

Marcos got the endorsement of Zamboanga del Sur local executives led by Gov. Antonio Cerilles and Pagadian City Mayor Tata Pulmones during the “Peace and Order Forum” sponsored by the KGB party-list held at Megayon Stage in Dao, Pagadian City.

Also present were vice mayors, board members, councilors, barangay (village) officials, members and officers of KGB led by its first nominee, Marjon Cerilles and Rep. Aurora Cerilles.

Marcos thanked the people for their overwhelming support and asked them to join him in his advocacy for national unity. (With TMT newsfeeds)

* * * *

Just for a breather, permit SS. Last Sunday, the Monggueh Cabinet had a surprise visitor, prompting Nonie Dondoyano to call the Chairman by phone, who perhaps due to the sudden rainfall, was unusually late that day.

Baring that the guest was Le Peng Wee, Monggueh indeed obliged, and in pajamas came down from  his Guardia Nacional pad to join us.

It turned out - missing the group with whom he last was with was yet Fiesta Pilar - was what motivated Le Peng to join up. After exchanges of pleasantries, the cabinet adjourned for each one to attend to his individual undertakings.

* * * *

1-PACMAN strikes again. This time to clarify its nature, strength and persona as a party list. Of it, a spokesman wrote in to offer, ahead of all, the men and women behind 1-PACMAN are non-politicians. Its 1st nominee Dr. Mikee Romero is a former academician who taught at the La Salle and Ateneo Universities, later turning a highly successful entrepreneur.

Mikee and company, without fanfare, have put up thousands of houses that were all given to native Aetas and indigenous people in  Zamboanga del Sur. Apart from that, they also gave thousand of employment to poor constituents in the country. And these endeavors, he said, is a continuing program.

Also, Romero he said, has given out over 5,000 scholarships, and the numbers are increasing each year.

Adopting 1-PACMAN as the party list’s name is a sign that one of its primary concerns is sports, expanding to education and employment.

Widely known now that Romero owns and manages PBA team Global Sports/Batang Pier is one proof of his adherence to sports promotion. Accordingly, he has handled athletes in various fields who have been able to bring the bacon to the Philippines.

And 1-PACMAN envisions the spread of sports all over the country, in a move to distance the youth from drugs and other forms of vices. The illegal drug menace, the party list says, has reached an alarming level, for in Metro Manila alone, drug-infestation has affected 92 percent of its barangays. Prevention, it said, is vital to stop the menace. Where there are no users, there are no pushers.

There is also further need to discover good athletes with potentials to compete in the international field, such as the Asian Games and the Olympics.

The spokesman gave assurance that Mikee and his party list has in place a work plan to handily implement its ideas, stressing that Mikee is a man of one word.    Recall that that he had said, “My word is bond.”

Also the party list said, Mikee will not use up his salary and emoluments as congressman for personal needs. Instead, such funds will be used to help the poor though institutions such as the PGH, Phil. Heart Center, Children’s Hospital and others that serve the needy.

Here is a glimpse of the 1_PACMAN main man, Dr. Mikee Romero.

He has two doctorate degrees. One is in economics that he earned with high honors at the De La Salle U, and the other in business management.

His acumen in business began at a tender age of mid-20’s, and was largely developed in Singapore, where he worked as a financial analyst, earning - his first 100 millions. The will to win is 1-PACMAN,’s.

Very remarkable for a party list.

* * * *

A former rebel commander linked to the kidnappings of foreigners in southern Philippines has been neutralized , Police officials reported.

The Police killed in a firefight Waning Abdulsalam, who used to be with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) while serving a warrant for his arrest, after the subject attacked them with an automatic weapon.

The incident occurred in the village of Singkilon, n Naga town, Zamboanga Sibugay province.

Police said it tracked down Abdulsalam following a long intelligence operation.

Abdulsalam was one of the most wanted criminals in Mindanao. And he was believed to be connected with the Abu Sayyaf, which is holding several kidnapped foreigners in the region.

* * * *

SS will research tomorrow  on the reported discovery last year of a vast China gold deposit in the East China Sea, amounting to roughly $16.4 billion.

We will look into its newsworthiness and see if it merits featuring here.

* * * *

Good news to newsmen. Congressman  Ferdinand Martin Romualdez of Leyte has promised legal assistance to newsmen who encounter legal problems in the practice of their profession.

The congressman from Leyte who is also the president of the Philippine Constitution Association also vowed to work for the passage of the Freedom of Information when elected to the Senate  in May .

Romualdez who is running as senator under the slogan Ibalik ang Malasakit sa Gobyerno  said that the government needs the media as fisca

lizer in the implementation of its public policies and   programs. (MS-fed)