Lugus Mayor Asmadun gets support from village chiefs PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 March 2016 14:34

LUGUS, Sulu — In a show of strength  and unity, barangay leaders and their constituents have thrown their all -out support to incumbent municipal mayor Al-Zhuduri ‘Den’ Asmadun of Lugus, Sulu following a solidarity meeting held recently in the province’s 2nd District.

At least 16 out of 17 Barangay Chairmen and other local leaders have expressed their renewed commitments and support to Mayor Asmadun’s administration even as they vowed to support him in his bid for Vice mayor in the forthcoming May 9 local elections.

At the same time, the village leaders, who are members of the Association of Barangay Chairmen in the Lugus municipality, have also prominently supported the political party line-up of the local executive for the 2016 polls.

Rallying behind the Aquino administration local political party ticket the Barangay Chairmen pledged to work for their victory. They  are; Almudzar Jurkarnain of Barangay Mangkalay; Ambay Putalan of Barangay Laha; Hadj Imran Arabani of Barangay Tubig Tuwak; Aljaser Kallah of Barangay Huwit-Huwit: Mijar Janani of Barangay Lugus Proper; Al Jihad Hassan of Barangay Tingcangan: Arnel Muhad of Barangay Mantan: Alvin Adil of Barangay Pait; Sawradjan Wahab of Barangay Alu Duyung: Lino Asdali of Barangay bas Nunuk:  Sakur Misah of Barangay Rugasan; Kahil Asmadul of Barangay Tangkulan; Abduraja juhuri of Barangay Subul; Maimona Butlangan of Barangay Bas lugus;  Hadja Mannang Pintasan of Barangay Kayawan; Jimar Arasi  of Barangay Alu Bus-Bus. Other leaders to include barangay kagawads are also supporting him.

Asmadun will end his complete 3 terms (9 years) as mayor in July this year and his father, the consistent and undefeated former mayor Abdusali K. Asmadun is running again for mayor in the coming elections.

The elder Asmadun served Lugus, for more than a decade as mayor and will make a comeback and throw his hat into the political arena.

Lugus has an estimated over 50,000 population with more or less 14,000 registered voters. It is one of the 11 towns in Sulu’s 2nd district in the Muslim autonomous region.

“I am overwhelmed by the show of unity and support of all the barangay chairmen. This is a very positive manifestation of a truly united Lugus with its leaders working together geared towards  peace and development that will be sustained today and beyond the election day, Inshaallah!” Mayor Den Asmadun stressed.

The father-son tandem will be a “powerhouse” to giving in to their constituents’ clamor to run under administration’s  Partido Liberal (LP) under the “Daang Matuwid,”  according to the barangay elders.

The administration party is led by incumbent re-electionist Sulu Provincial Governor Abdusakur “Totoh” A. Tan, Jr. , and incumbent Vice Provincial Governor  Abdusakur  Tan, who is gunning for the Regional Gubernatorial post in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

Mayor Den Asmadun, considered to be one among the youngest mayors in the Sulu province who had served with principles and idealism the island town’s constituents over the past 8 years.

As a dedicated public servant, Mayor Den, who is a degree holder  and a graduate of Bachelor’s of Law (LLB), a responsible and faithful family man vowed to pursue the projects and programs of the administration to bring about sustainable peace and unequalled progress beneficial to his hometown. (JTC)