Teenager in holdup arrested PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 March 2016 11:26


A teenager was arrested by barangay tanods in Baliwasan after he and his companions held up a 56-year-old man last Saturday night.

Arrested was Nurben Mariga, 16.

The victim was identified as Edwin Villena y Climaco of Baliwasan Chico.

Police said that Mariga and his companions identified as Ibil Samdain, 38, Ebnar Julkanain, 42 and Abubakar Pulalon, 15, held up Villena.

Police said the suspects poked a knife on Villena’s  chest and announced a holdup.

It was not known what the holduppers divested from the victim.

However the three suspects eluded arrest while Mariga was collared.

Mariga was turned over to the police for proper disposition. – Dan Toribio