Water crisis worsens: Every other day rationing imposed PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 21 March 2016 11:27

The city’s water crisis has worsened with supply continues to dwindle prompting the Zamboanga City Water District imposed to new rationing plan starting today Monday,  March 21, 2016.

The new water rationing plan will provide water to the city’s three key areas with longer hours of water service but on an every-other-day basis.

The central, west and east areas of the city will have water on an average of 10 hours on designated dates but will be without water for one day following that.

The area gets water anew on the third day.

The latest water rationing schedule is the fourth imposed by the district since January this year underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The previous ones were put out on January 8th and 27th and the last one imposed on March 21st.

The ‘El Nino’ phenomenon currently sweeping the country is the worst ever to hit the city according to Engr. Alejo Rojas Jr., in comparison to that of 2009 where the city went through a drought that brought water levels down to 73.82 meters.

Normal water elevation is at 74.20 meters.

The ZCWD reports water elevation at its diversion dam is at 73.80 meters as of Saturday afternoon.

Top water district officials are set to meet with Mayor Beng Climaco and other city hall officials today to apprise them on the latest in the worsening water crisis in the city and discuss other measures to adopt to mitigate the crippling effects of the drought.

Water district officials cited the need to impose the new drastic water distribution scheme as water supply continues to dwindle in the absence of rainfall the past few weeks and the ability of the city’s aquifiers to re charge.

The last cloud seeding operations failed to produce enough rainfall to replenish the depleted water table of the city and a second attempt is on hold as the City Agriculturist Office has not gotten the green light to proceed with another cloud seeding operation.

Water inflow breached the 2,200 meters last Friday, a level ZCWD needed to sustain operations on the previous water rationing plan and water production subsequently dipped down by almost half from its normal 90,000 cubic liters per month to 41,000 liters.

These lost water production could have otherwise supplied water to another two thousand households in the city.

Officials also stressed need to cut water production now than wait, to ensure enough water for consumers to last out the summer until the rains come around in June or July of this year, as PAGASA forecasts.

The key to the operation is to make sure there is water to supply the consumers here until the next rainy season comes around.

With major infrastructure projects being stepped up for possible early completion, the water utility firm will be in better position to address similar conditions in the future , ZCWD General Manager Leonardo Rey Vasquez said.

A 50 (million liters per day) plant is nearing completion and work on the Non- Revenue Water recovery program currently being undertaken by big and tested industry contractors, will hopefully cut down water production shortfalls to more manageable levels, Vasquez added.

While calling for understanding and support from the people it serve, Vasquez disclosed more mitigating measures are being explored and put to use to help ease the water shortage in the city. (EdBanos CREAS ZCWD)