Conflict-affected village chiefs back red team PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 March 2016 14:49

The heat of the early morning sun did not stop the “Trio Kapitan” from expressing their voice and endorsing District 1 Representative Celso Lobregat and the entire “Team Colorao” as their official candidates for the May 9 elections.

During the locally-organized “Pulong-Pulong” in the vicinity of Barangay Rio Hondo and Mariki marker early Saturday morning, the program host, Barangay Chairman Rozdy Mukaram, together with Mariki chairwoman Palma Hasim gathered all their constituents to manifest  their full support to Lobregat and his team whom they believe would continue to pursue progress in their respective villages after it was battered by the 2013 siege.

Chairman Mukaram belied reports that the “Trio Kapitan” has thrown support to other candidates.

“Tu kami ini nagdaraig, kitaa niyu in suporta namu kan Celso Lobregat iban in mga iban niya, siyarang namu in lima hi Lobregat, siya iban mga kaibanan niya in suportahan sin Rio Hondo, Mariki iban Sta. Barbara. (We are here together giving our full support to Congressman Celso Lobregat and his team, we raised his hands together with his team as we have thrown our support to them),” Mukaram said.

Barangay Mariki chairwoman Palma Hashim said that she and her constituents already made a choice to re-elect Lobregat as their congressman in District 1 and will renew their support to his entire slate because they believe in his sound leadership and governance.

“Ayaw niyu kalupahi mga taimanghud,halawum sin pangatayan namu,bukun kami bayhu sin, di kami magdagang baran sin pilak,makaluman katu, in grupo ini amu in para sin karayawan (Please remember my constituents, deep in our hearts we support them, we are not selling ourselves in exchange for money just to vote for candidates, this group is for our progress),” Hasim said.

In a similar gathering at Sta. Barbara, Barangay Chairman Abdulhamid Irin said they have been misled by other candidates of selling their support and has abandoned Lobregat and his team.

The village chief said that there is no truth to these information as they (barangay officials) have shown this day their solidarity and strength in supporting the leaders whom they believe can lead the city properly, far from destruction and deception.

“Sarang na in kiyalabayan natu pagbunu, katan kita mga taimanghud nalawa in kaunun iban hula sin bunu lumabay katu hinang sin kapalpakan, in mga taimanghud ini amu in botohan ta para sin karayawan sin hula ta niyu(The conflict which we have experienced is enough, we lost our properties and livelihood during the siege due to failure of leadership, we should vote for Lobregat and his team for a better Zamboanga),” Irin said.

In a separate “Pulong-Pulong” at Zone 4, Barangay Chairman Kaizar Sakandal raised the hands of Lobregat and his team and recognized the contributions made in terms of infrastructures and sound governance done by the former mayor and now congressman.

Sakandal said that from the roots of his father who was one of the loyal followers of the late Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat, the Sakandals have continued their legacy in believing in the leadership of the Lobregats.

For his part, Congressman Lobregat said the endorsement made by the four barangay chairmen is a welcome development for him and his entire local slate.

“This endorsement is real, not a stolen shot, the barangay chairmen went on stage to publicly endorse me and my team,” Lobregat said.

Aside from the four village chiefs where the Team Colorao campaign started, some 20 barangay chairmen and several kagawads who represented their respective barangays also joined the group during the campaign launch Saturday.

“This is a very solid group. We are very happy with the turnout even under the heat of the sun, people stayed on till we were done, everybody were in cheerful mood,” Lobregat said. — Dexter Yap