Yanga strikes at center of drug trade on 1st poll sortie PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 March 2016 12:01

“We will clear the name of Recodo.”

Thus vowed mayoralty candidate retired police general Mario Yanga on his visit to Barangay Recodo, the so-called center of illegal drug trade in Zamboanga city, during the start of the campaign trail last Saturday.

Yanga said that aside from Recodo’s infamous reputation as a center for illegal drug activities, it is also where he led a daring operation in the year 2012 which led to the arrest of notorious drug kingpin “Bin Laden,” two reasons why he chose the barangay to kickstart his campaign sorties.

Yanga spoke before officials of the Recodo Barangay Hall upon the invitation of the Honorable Wahab Ibba, Recodo Barangay Captain.

During his speech, Yanga vowed to defend Recodo residents against the drug menace and thus restore order in the barangay.

Yanga also vowed to implement fair treatment of Recodo residents.

“I will respect unity. Walang pabor pabor. Our common enemy will be the criminals,” Yanga told Recodo officials.

“Si envuelto ustedes na droga, no suporta con Yanga. Kamu ing apasun ko (I will run after you,)”, thus warned Yanga against people involved in the illegal drug trade.

Yanga believes that with the illegal drug menace wiped out, Recodo will finally move on towards progress and development, two main aspirations of its residents.