Non-nonsense drive vs erring trike drivers PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 March 2016 13:27


The Office of the City Administrator on Monday assured that the renewed drive against erring tricycle drivers will not be a “ningas kugon” but a no non-sense campaign intended to give justice to the riding public.

This, as Mayor Beng Climaco on Monday directed OIC City Administrator Dr. Elmeir Apolinario to ensure a continuous and sustained advocacy as the city launches a renewed drive against violations of the tricycle ordinance specifically overcharging and abusive tricycle drivers.

Apolinario, who also concurrently heads the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, said the move is in response to the insistent clamor of the riding public to more rigidly discipline trike drivers in the city who overcharge passengers and/or violate traffic regulations.

He further shared that the campaign is an offshoot of the meeting called last week with the Tricycle Adjudication Board (TAB), the police and other stakeholders to address complaints against overcharging drivers.

“Ningas kugon” is a negative trait characterized by somebody who is very enthusiastic at the beginning of a project, but then in the end, will leave it unfinished.

Immediately prior to the press briefing, the city official met with the officers of the Responsible Union of Empowered Drivers Associations (RUEDA), seeking their support in policing their membership.RUEDA is a coalition of twenty-one (21) tricycle operators and drivers associations (TODAs) in the city.

The intensified campaign will be focused on problem areas – the airport, the Integrated Bus Terminal and certain malls – where errant and fleecing drivers usually pick up their passengers.

Aside from overcharging offenses, personnel of the City Administrator’s Office and the CDRRMO in coordination with the TAB, City Police Office, barangay officials and other agencies are tasked to go after violators of the city’s traffic regulations, particularly colorum and unregistered tricycles.

Trike drivers and operators caught violating the city approved fare matrix and other traffic regulations will have their tricycles impounded and temporarily stored at the Don Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex. — Claudine Uniana