Multiple cropping, the answer to limited land but growing population – Dr. Javier PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 July 2011 14:35

“There are progressive farmers, especially small farmers here in the country who are into multiple cropping, especially those who have shallow tube wells, therefore can control their water. In fact, they can already plant and harvest three times a year. This is where the Philippine agriculture should go to in the future,” Dr. Emil Q. Javier, president of National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) so declared during the recently concluded Communication and News Exchange Forum at PIA.

Dr. Javier reiterated that it is important to resort to multiple cropping, “because we only have 10 million hectares of arable land, and if we have a population of 94 million, each Filipino only has 1,100 sqm wherein he can plant and produce all his food. But if he can do multiple cropping, he can plant and harvest as much as three to four times a year,” he added, then that means the arable land had multiplied too.

In addition, NAST is looking into developing a variety of palay like those with shorter maturity time. Instead of 120 days, the seeds mature in only 90 days, and there is zero tillage, “we will not need to till our lands because we can plant the seeds directly,” Javier explained.

Javier went on to explain that it is also important that these farmers have access to an effective water control, irrigation, and drainage, “without water control, it would be very hard to do multiple cropping.”

Administrator Antonio S. Nangel of National Irrigation Administration, agreed, saying that they are addressing the problem with the drainage system by “doing small infrastructures for irrigations, where these drainage systems are now part of the country’s irrigated systems.” --VANESSA C.QUILENTE-RODRIGUEZ