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Wednesday, 30 March 2016 13:40


Fifteeen Abu Sayyaf gunmen along with 10 abducted Indonesian boat crew aboard a speedboat were reported to have landed at the coastal town of Kalingalan Caluang Sulu on Sunday, a military source said on Tuesday.

The military intelligence source, who asked not to be identified as he is not authorized to talk to reporters, quoted Kaligalang Caluang villagers as saying the speed boat arrived from Languyan island in neighboring Tawi Tawi, the Philippines southernmost province closest to Sabah, Malaysia.

The Indonesian sailors aboard a tugboat and a barge carrying coal from Borneo were seized by Abu Sayyaf gunmen while they were  on their way to the Philippines to deliver the cargo.

The military source said the kidnappers are led by Abu Sayyaf sub leaders Alhabsy Misaya and Uddon Hassim

“The kidnap Indonesians with the captors landed at the shoreline of Kuppong,  in the village of  Kambingin  Kalingalan Caluang, early Sunday morning,” said the source.

He said the group was aboard a gray speedboat locally called “jungkong” and powered by three outboard engines.

He added the group  came from Languyan island where the 10 Indonesians’ tugboat and barge passed and were they were abducted Saturday morning.

The source quoted villagers as saying the Abu Sayyaf group upon reaching the village of Kambing hired a jeep and boarded it going to the residence of  another Abu Sayyaf sub leader named Junior Lahab alias Jim Dragon at the village of Masjid Punjungan in Kalingalan Caluang.

He said the 10 Indonesian nationals are now   being  guarded by Abu Sayyaf members named Sabirul Sahiyal, Taib and Lukman  both followers of Misaya.

It is unclear where the barge is being held now but the tugboat Brahma 12 had been released to Philippine authorities, a report reaching Zamboanga City said.

The tugboat and the barge were sailing from the town of Sungai Puting in Indonesia’s South Kalimantan Province in Borneo  and  loaded with coal on its way to the port of Batangas when it was hijacked and commandeered by the Abu Sayyaf gunmen.

The source said military forces in Sulu “are now arming themselves to the fullest to meet the new crisis” involving the kidnapping of the 10 Indonesian nationals. — Nonoy E. Lacson