Beng seeks probe on FB post vs Zambo women PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 March 2016 11:27


Mayor Beng Climaco has sought an investigation into the malicious and derogatory online post by an alleged member of the Philippine Marine generalizing the Zamboangueñas with offensive statements.

The post by Nelson de la Noche has gone viral on the social networking sites particularly facebook.

In a letter to AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Hernando Iriberri dated March 29, 2016, Mayor Climaco said people should exercise prudence in using social networking sites, especially if one is part of an organization that should highlight integrity and honor.

“The undersigned’s office received complaints about a viral post in the social networking site Facebook of an alleged malicious and derogatory post by a Philippine Marine named Nelson de la Noche, generalizing the Zamboangueñas with offensive statements,” the mayor stated.

As the principal author of the Magna Carta of Women during her stint in Congress, Climaco said it is her “desire to uplift conditions of women by not subjecting them to verbal, physical, emotional and any forms of abuse.”

“May I then seek that under your leadership an investigation be conducted to clarify this issue,” she asked Irriberi.

A similar letter was sent to Philippine Marine Commandant MGen. Remegio Valdez.

The original post of the account Nelson de la Noche states: “Yes it is funny. Halos lahat ng babe sa Zamboana malandi, pokpok at social climber. Parang ganito lang yan, nasa gitna ng dalawang hita niyo ang utak niyo.” The post has gone viral and has elicited varied reactions from Zamboanguenos from all over the globe. Lately however, de la Noche claimed that his account has been hacked and that he did not make such post.  — Sheila Covarrubias