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Thursday, 31 March 2016 11:58


Two men and a woman were killed, while 26 others were arrested, when police launched on Wednesday simultaneous raids on houses where drugs and firearms are kept by suspects.

The raids were carried out under  PNP’s so-called “one time, big time” operations in the different barangays with operatives from all police stations from participated at dawn yesterday.

After a briefing held at the City Police Office, the different stations headed by their respective chiefs swooped down on the corresponding target areas carrying search warrants to arrest persons violating of Republic Act 9165 and for illegal possession of firearms.

The team of the Central Police Station led by Sr. Insp. Helen Galvez swooped down on Baliwasan Tabuk to search a house along the creek but while they were approaching,one occupant of the house opened fire on them. Galvez’ team ducked and returned fire triggering a brief shootout.

After the exchange of gunfire, three persons were found dead with bullet wounds in their body.

The fatalities were identified as one Cha, (woman), her live-in-partner Al Jaton and Alsharif Omar Hairal.

Galvez’ team recovered two pistols and several drug paraphernalia at the scene.

Meanwhile, three teams from the Culianan Police Station led by Sr. Insp. Elmer Solon swooped down on three places in Baliwasan Atis Drive, Mercedes and Sitio Gapuh in Talabaan.

At Atis Drive, Baliwasan, Solon’s team with Supt. Arison Limos and Supt. Bonifacio Arañas served a search warrant on Abner Halil and recovered two .45 caliber pistols with five magazines with 52 rounds of ammunition and seven sachets of suspected shabu.

Another team of Solon led by Insp. Gutierez swooped down on Sitio Gapuh in Talabaan and served search warrant on Hji. Aman Salih in his residence, resulting in the confiscation of a .45 caliber pistol with three magazines with 30 rounds of ammunition.

The third team led by Sr. Insp. Joaquino served the search warrant at the house of Peter Ramos resulting in the confiscation of a .38 cal. revolver with rounds of ammunition.

Meanwhile, the team of Chief Insp. Edilberto Alvarez of the City Police Office’s Intelligence Section also served a search warrant at the house of Licomo barangay chairman Eduardo Caloy-loy resulting in the confiscation of 60 rounds of ammunition of different calibers.

On the other hand, the team of Labuan Police Station led by Chief Insp. Raymond Sanson served a search warrant on Jambiran Onkoyong y Angkaya, 44, at Sitio Lawingan, Labuan but found no guns or drugs.

However the search conducted at the house of Japiron Kalaing y Isnari, 44, of Purok 2, Labuan resulted in the recovery of a 9 mm pistol with tampered serial number with two magazines.

Then anoher search was carried out at the house of Mukim Thomas that resulted in the confiscation of 10 small sachets of shabu, one medium size sachet of shabu.

The team of Ayala Police Station led by Sr. Insp. Karib Muharram and Chief Insp. Joel Tuttuh served search warrants on Julpikar asilin, Murphy Asilin, Pipih Aminula, Fahad Kali and Adzhar Jundam, all residents of Recodo except for Jundam who is a resident of Country Homes, Ayala.

However the search was made at the house of Asilins and Kali turned out negative while at the house of Jundam the team recovered one hand grenade, two bogas, 10 sachets of suspected shabu and drug paraphernalia.

Meanwhile, the team also served a warrant of arrest on Murphy Asilin.

The team of Vitali Police Station led by Chief Insp. Salvador Galvez served search warrants in their areas of responsibility that resulted in the arrest of two persons.

Similar operation carried out by the team of Sangali Police Station led by Chief Insp. Gary Bahoy yielded negative results.

However one person was arrested and seven sachets of shabu and drug paraphernalia were recovered from him.

The team of Sta. Maria Police Station led by Supt. Haywien Salvado served three search warrants that resulted in the arrest of three persons.

Wiliam Ramos was arrested along Gov. Ramos Avenue, Sta. Maria and confiscated from his residence were five assorted guns and ammunition.

The other team also served a search warrant in San Roque that resulted in the arrest of Crisanto Bernardo  who yielded a .38 cal. revolver with ammunition and twelve sachets of shabu.

Aldrin Ravina was arrested at Galvez Drive, Sta. Maria. Recovered from his residence were marijuana leaves and several marijuana seeds.

All the arrested suspects were detained at the respective police stations pending the filing of charges in court. – Dan Toribio