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Friday, 01 April 2016 13:14

The Ma’hadAbusalam Al-Arabie Al-Islamie held its 8th Commencement Exercise last March 20 with the theme: “ In kawman Uway GuruniyabiyaManuk-manuk Uway Mata niya. (The Community without Leader is like a Bird without eyes.)”

The event was held at the Ma’ahadAbusalam Madrasa Hall, Barangay Riverside Isabela City, Basilan

It started at 8:00 am with Processional of the Graduates and Honors — assisted by the parents and guru. At 8:30 am, the program started with Ayatul Qur-an by Ustad Mufti Mansur and Dua’ah by Ust. Farouq Nohi. This was followed by Invocation at 9:00 am, then  Opening Remarks by Ustad Mufti Mansur as he started his greetings to all. 9:20 am came the Welcome Address by Mr. Ibnie Sakkalahul.

At 9:30 am,  Mr. Timothy Ijiran introduced the 1st speaker to give the Inspirational Message — Mr. Maudi A. Maadil,  Project Coordinator of MICNET.

“Madrasa is a delicate place of Institutions because here where children develop, mold, and influence by their guru to teach them not only Arabic but also good virtues of Islam. Islamic Studies is important to us Muslims because Islam is a way of life, it is our personal responsibility as a Muslim. Let’s all be inspired by our parents and we as a youth, we are going to be the future leaders and in return we might inspire others too, said Maadil in his message.

He continued by saying” I will leave this prayer for you: “Oh Allah, illuminate my heart with light and my ears with light, let light on my right and light on my left, let light above me, let light behind me and let light in front me, Oh Allah make me a light.”

At 9:45 am, a  Valedictory Address was made by Miss Dorinamae Abdulhalim, a Mustawa Rabie-Valedictorian. She said ... ““ We are so much blessed by Allah that we became Muslim. This only proves how much he loves us. We should be thankful to Him for he gave us life and to Him we shall return.

At10:00 am, Presentation of Graduates was held by the Principal of Ma’had Abusalam Ustadz Abdulwahab Tunggal.

10:20 am — Acceptance of the graduates and the intermission number which was prepared by the graduates — The “Ma’ahad Song” then followed by the announcement of the Distribution of the Certificates to be made by Ustadz, Ibnie Sakkalahul,  PGA President and Hon. Lakih Tandih,  PGA Vice President as the Graduates called and accepted the certificates one by one.

The Graduates

Grade 0-C –7

Grade 0-B – 11

Grade 0-A  – 15

Grade IV – 6

Special awards

Grade I – 6

Grade II – 6

Grade III - 4

Grade V - 1

At 11:15 am,  a short message was given by Dr. Jaypee Basheer Hussein: “I am so grateful  to the graduates and parents who are here, visitors, family, friends and to the people who support us most especially to the IDB. Thank you very much to all of you for making this program possible and successful.”

At 11:20 am,  Nasihat by Ustadz Munir Muluk as he said... “We are living in today’s generation where haram and halal are both present and the worst is we cannot determine which is which just like the government today. Election is fast approaching and candidates are busy courting you they even enter your house with money, have you ever wonder where that money came from? We might use that to buy things and food for our children! Allah said This time would come and people will believe the liars they will be the good ones because they have money. It’s for you to judge those people and specially yourselves. Money, Power, Popularity and All of these good things here in our present life are useless in life hereafter and the only thing you’ll have is your “Agama”. Islam is the most important thing of all.

At 11:45 am —  Awarding of Medals by Mr. Timothy Ijiran, IDB National President and Basulta lead Convener. He was assisted by Ustadz Ibnie Sakkalahul, the PGA President.

12:00 noon — Closing Remarks by Ustadz Abdulwahab Tunggal.