Charges vs 2 suspects in Saudi slay try dismissed PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 02 April 2016 13:39


Assistant City Prosecutor Arnel Maravilla has dismissed the frustrated murder and attempted murder cases filed against two persons who were arrested after the assassination attempt on two Saudi nationals at the Western Mindanao State University.

The dismissal of the charges against Junaide Cadir y Salih and Mujir Abubakar y Amilasan was due to lack of probable cause to link them to the shooting incident that wounded Dr.  Aid Al-Qarni a cleric preacher and Sheik Turki Assaegh, a diplomat  last March 1.

Cadir and Abubakar were arrested at the vicinity of WMSU few minutes after the two Arab nationals were shot and wounded by Misuari Rugasan, while they were aboard a service vehicle and were about to leave the school campus.

Rugasan was shot and killed on the spot by close-in security escorts of the two Saudi nationals.

A police report disclosed that Cadir and Abubakar were taken to the prosecutor office for inquest for frustrated and attempted murder.

However they availed of a waiver for further preliminary investigation and were detained again at the police office.

A subpoena provided for under Presidential Decree No. 911 was issued to the two accused requiring them to submit their counter affidavits.

Police said that only Cadir complied and submitted his sworn statement.

After careful evaluation of evidence, the assigned prosecutor Maravilla found no probable cause to indict the respondents.

The two were released from police custody last March 31. – Dan Toribio