Councilor Bayot: What? Bodega on mountaintop? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 02 April 2016 13:45


District 1 Councilor Rudy Bayot blamed the city government for the unfortunate incident Thursday where more than a million worth of government properties went up in smoke in a fire that hit the  temporary storage area of the General Services Office (GSO) at Aquino Memorial Park in Abong-Abong, Pasonanca.

Bayot, who was the first government official who rushed to the scene with firefighters from Sta. Maria and Central Fire District was shocked on what he had seen beyond expectation.

In an interview  Bayot told RMN Zamboanga he was shocked because as a city official, it was his first time to know that there is a warehouse  of the city in the Girl Scout Camp which for him was improper because the supposed storage of government properties is in San Roque Motorpool and City Coliseum.

“Keber tu ya quema el mga equipo, mga materyales, mga palo, sin, motorsiclo, aircon, y manada pa, bien sayang gayot, nusabe gane yo cay chene aqui bodega, espantao yo,” Bayot said.

He said he was irritated on what he had seen because for him, the local government had just dumped these recyclable materials which should have served and helped many other poor people of the city, especially those who need better shelter.

“Ta rabia kita cay canaton ta pidi, tan debe kita para cumpra nipa con aquellos quien ta pidi para techo, kabar este mga sin ya quema lang, tan buluk lang,” Bayot added.

He questioned the motive of the city government in choosing a warehouse located at the Abong-Abong park on top of the mountain.

“Debe imbestiga este el Mayor, ya espanta yo porque tiene warehouse aqui na monte, escondido pa, hende ba debe si bodega na pueblo y tiene quien ta chekya conese, baka tiene sila cosa ta esconde o plano coneste mga materyales del govierno,” Bayot said.

The essentric city councilor also noticed the burning of government vehicles inside the warehouse which for him was really a waste money, because they could have been fixed and used by the government employees in the performance of their jobs.

Several explosions were heard in the fire scene when gasoline tanks of the city’s unserviceable motorcycles exploded.  – Bhong Simbajon/RMN News