Beng, 7 ‘Team Colorao’ dads trade potshots PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 April 2016 11:49

Seven councilors accused by Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar as “saboteurs” on Wednesday slammed the mayor and branded  her as “liar”

Mayor Climaco had earlier said that the seven councilors are answerable to the people for disapproving the nine proposed infrastructure projects which was recommended for an emergency negotiated contract.

The seven councilors under the Team Colorao said that the mayor might have forgotten the functions of the executive and legislative branches of government.

This after Mayor Climaco said that the seven councilors who refused to approve the negotiated projects should be answerable to the people, particularly in areas where the projects are supposed to be implemented.

Councilor Percival Ramos explained that he was cautious in approving such projects especially after he discovered alleged anomalies in the Masepla transition site.

“I decided to refer such proposal to the commitee to prevent repeat of Masepla. We are the ones protecting the mayor, we corrected the mistakes and we don’t tolerate it. She should be thankful to us,” Ramos said.

Councilor Noning Biel said he was surprised during that session because he saw the contractors in the session hall gallery and asked them about such projects, but they answered they did not know anything about it.

“I can recall that I even asked the contractors about such projects, but they said they didn’t know anything about so it’s irregular, it’s very doubtful,” Biel said.

Biel mentioned the proposed construction of the Labuan Police station which is one of the controversial nine projects. He said that the present police station which is just right in front of his residence is very functiona. It was newly renovated and he doubted it is an emergency project.

He said there were no pertinent document attachments also on the proposition, that’s why he decided to refer it to the Committee on Infrastructure for proper scrutiny.

District 2 Councilor VP Elago was also dismayed by the statement of the mayor, saying that he cannot think of any occasion in which he declined to support the projects and priorities of the mayor, adding the records of the Sangguniang Panlungsod will speak for itself that they were giving their all out support to the mayor and have protected public funds from malversation.

“I felt sad because in many occasions, I am representing the mayor in her programs because she cannot make it, but at present my family is affected, because they can’t believe what had happened. They asked about it, which is a profound lie,” Elago said.

Elago said that the manner they were invited during the special session did not  follow the proper procedure.

He said there was no formal letter but only text message  which is already a violation of the rules of the council on the one week written notice.

“Culpa ba diamon si nuay kame claro documento coneste dudable mga proyekto, que debe chene check and balance, there was none,el cosa ta abla el mayor imbusteriyas, nusabe ele cosa ta pasa na consejo?” Elago asked.

Councilor Mike Alavar also expressed his sentimenton the mayor, saying that in the last 365 days of this present administration, he was all out in supporting Mayor Beng’s proposals but her present actions are different because even in his own barangay in Vitali, he was berated by the mayor and her candidates.

““To the mayor the truth is out there, and so are your lies, el umalin aqui, noma debe usa este issue na eleccion para gana diila candidato, imbusterias el cosa ele ta abla, si quierre man era sila gana, na manera de accomplisemiento, no nececita ansina, bien umalin mira,” Alavar said.

Councilor BG Guingona said he was frustrated, disgusted and disappointed on the mayor’s statement, saying that in three year’s time, he personally supported all the efforts of the city mayor for the progress of the city, but the progress should follow the process.

“Due process for progress is not bad, its should be the case. Like the Masepla issue, ya implementa una antes ya manda apruba, onde el proceso alya?” Guingona said.

Charlie Mariano branded the mayor as a “cry baby” and a “dictator”.

He said that this is not the end of the road for the nine proposed projects, if the mayor really wanted to implement it, if she wins after election period, this can be implemented by her, “why in a hurry?”

Mariano said that since they are talking of negotiated projects which is not normally done in previous administration and even last year, it’s suspicious, so they should be above suspicion.

“We are safeguarding public funds....  that is what we are doing, let us respect each other,” Mariano said.

Mayor Climaco called the “Team Colorao”councilors “saboteurs”after they voted against or abstained from voting the approval of a resolution for the implementation of vital projects of her administration. — Dexter Yap