Celso on Monsi attack: ‘He’s dreaming, talking to the wind’ PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 09 April 2016 15:08


Reelectionist Congressman Celso Lobregat of District 1 shas ent a strong message to his opponent Crisanto “Monsi” dela Cruz to stick to facts on issues he is bringing out in public,

Lobregat was reacting to Dela Cruz’ statement saying the unending issues of water scarcity, blackout and lack of infrastructure facilities in the city has been existing since his stint for nine years as city mayor and six years as House Representative of District 1.

Lobregat said that Dela Cruz is talking to the wind and his statement is baseless and unfounded, just meant to create issues to malign him in public.

“Dela Cruz, as a former priest, should speak the facts and not lies just to create a political propaganda against me, I have the documents and track record to speak and my notes are not enough to mention everything I have accomplished under my administration,” Lobregat said.

In his campaign sorties and during the recent candidates forum sponsored by a university and the Commission on Elections, Dela Cruz alleged that he speaks from the heart and is telling the truth and saying that Lobregat is stirring his popularity by way of media publicity and riding in issues where he can boost his image as a local leader.

Lobregat denied such claim, saying that the former priest might be dreaming and is throwing baseless accusations against him.

“He (Dela Cruz) must be dreaming, he can check on the records of city hall what I have done as a Mayor, in Zamboanga City Water District for the countless efforts I did to strengthen the water facilities of the city and in ZAMCELCO as well to know my efforts to obtain a sustainable electricity supply in the city,” Lobregat said.

The solon said that Dela Cruz is just trying to pick up some issues to be raised against him in order to get the sympathy of the people in their district which is far from reality.

“Dela Cruz wanted do discredit me from my people, I will prove him wrong because he has the baseless allegations while I have the documents and track record to prove that  he is lying,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat said that his administration is tried and tested and can be trusted that is why the people have put their trust on him and gave him the  mandate to lead.

He said that since opponent is desperate he will not give any chance of making baseless accusations against him and his entire slate in the LDP-Nacionalista and Adelante Zamboanga Coalition. – Dexter Yap