Cabatangan assures 8-0 for Team Colorao PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 April 2016 14:27


An all-out support was promised by the barangay officials and constituents of Cabatangan to the red team of Congressman Celso Lobregat in the fast approaching elections.

The pledge conveyed by no less than Cabatangan barangay chairman Antonio Saavedra during the rally of “Team Colorao” in their village Saturday.

Saavedra said their villagers have given their full support to the group in past elections and the same support be given by them this time.

“Querre yo hace claro con el mga compañero del congresista Celso Lobregat, cay kame aqui na Cabatangan desde antes solido ta suporta gayot con el Team Colorao y semejante suporta tambien kame dale aura, 8-0 si fuede,” Saavedra said.

The village chief recounted the endless times their constituents had received the necessary assistance and other infrastructure benefits from the administration of then Mayor Caling Lobregat till the term of his son Celso who is now the incumbent House representative of District 1.

“Nuay man sayang de amon boto con el Team Colorao del mga pasao eleccion, cay sila verdadero servidor y ta cumpli diila mga promesas si talyi ya na puesto, poreso el mga de Cabatangan confianza dale suporta canila,” Saavedra said.

Hundreds of residents flocked to the rally venue of the red team Saturday where the candidates presented their advocacies and platforms for progress and development of the city.

Congressman Lobregat became emotional but was very elated by the declaration of the villagers in Cabatangan beyond expectation saying that their continued support and confidence given to his team will never be wasted and worth enough as they have proven the true public service to the people.

“I am really humbled and honored by your overwhelming support to “Team Colorao”, the trust you have given us will be treasured and will always be remembered,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat assured Saavedra and the constituents that they will be partners in pursuing a government which id pro-people and free from corruption and deception.

“We will continue to deliver you a public service that is tried and tested and can be trusted, so we need your hundred one commitment of support this coming elections on May 9, 2016” Lobregat said. – Dexter Yap