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Monday, 11 April 2016 13:51

Amidst  the  water   crisis  that the   city  is  experiencing, there is  the  efficient  Mercedes Barangay Water Project which  provides for Barangay  Mercedes including  nearby areas with clean potable water.

This  works through a  piping system that  ferries water from its pumping station to the different communal faucets installed in strategic locations.

In its early days the water supply was more than enough to serve the Mercedeños. However  poor collection, mishandling of the meager funds for operations and the mismanagement of the water system had further discouraged its member consumers in good standing to provide for its maintenance cost which left its officers in quandary.

Despite the predicament, the Mercedeños were  lucky to have at that time  Monsi Cris dela Cruz as their  Parish Priest.

Monsi who loved  his parishioners, knew that  the development of the barangay will be curtailed without the water facility. As the saying goes “Agua Es Vida”.

DelaCruz came in and bailed out the  MBWP, made available his personal finances just to set the system   going.  A new set of board members were duly formed which elected Engr. Eliodoro Z. Torres, Jr. as the President to whom Monsi turned over the management of  MWBP.

The hard work, diligence and dedication of both the officers of MWBP and the Barangay Council  of Mercedes  aimed at improving the Water System  was instrumental  in its  success  today.

“The example set by the leaders only proves that  when  we work  together, we  can  be   more effective.  If   we  support   development over  our  own  personal  gain, then the  residents of Zamboanga  may  look   forward to   a brighter future,” Monsi said.

Monsi, who has  spent  the last  40 years of his life in Zamboanga  City  is known  to be a builder,   a man  with foresight and   has  contributed a lot  to the  development of Zamboanga even on his private  capacity.  He is  running  for Congressman in the  first district of Zamboanga   this    coming  May  2016.