Actual performance, track record, not age,best gauge in public service — Lilia PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 April 2016 14:28

Actual performance and a proven track record of sincere, corruption-free public service should be a better gauge in choosing the city’s political leaders in the coming May 9 elections rather than just the mere uncertain promise of youth, District 2 Rep. Lilia Macrohon-Nuño said Monday.

Nuño, a senior citizen, issued the statement as she twitted her critics who said the people of Zamboanga should now elect younger candidates in the coming elections.

“With due respect to my young critics, the issue in this election is not merely the age of a candidate,” Nuño said. “Given the many problems confronting the City of Zamboanga, what we need now are political leaders who have the capability, the capacity and the integrity to provide sincere public service without any hint or suspicion of corruption.”

Nuno, who is seeking a second term as House Representative in the Second District of Zamboanga City under “Team Colorao,” said the city government continues to face numerous challenges and much has yet to be done to help the people in the areas of health, education, environment protection and livelihood.

“There is a lot of work to be done and I am confident the people will choose candidates based on their proven track record in sincere public service rather than his or her age,” Nuño said.

Nuño said her camp decided to join forces with First District Rep. Celso Lobregat in order to forge unity and teamwork among local political leaders who will work hand in hand in bringing progress and economic development to the city.

“We have started our campaign together showing the people that we are leaders who have one voice in fulfilling the progress of our city. We have done much together and we will continue to bring more progress to Zamboanga City,” Nuño said.

Nuño said she and Lobregat have agreed to work together in fulfilling their respective advocacies that will bring progress and prosperity both in the City Proper and in the remote barangays,” Nuño said. “Decongesting the city by bringing more projects and investments to the barangays will be our priority.”

“Part of our platform of government is to decongest the city’s commercial and business district and develop its outward expansion by improving and opening roads, establishing new growth areas and construction of new government installations in the outskirts of the city,” Nuño explained.

Nuño said she would spearhead the campaign of “Team Colorao” in the Second District and push for the victory of the candidates of their powerhouse City Council slate.

“Our candidates are committed to pursue clean, honest, competent, responsible, and effective governance that adheres strongly to the principles of transparency, sound fiscal management, public accountability, and participatory democracy,” she said.

“Team Colorao” is composed of incumbent Congressman Lobregat who seeks re-election in District 1, with his council slate composed of District 1 — re-electionist Councilors Myra Paz Abubakar and Charlie Mariano, Baliwasan Barangay Chairman Boday Cabato, former city councilor Lim Rudy, retired Red Cross Administrator Vic Liozo, San Roque Barangay Chairman Lit-Lit Macrohon, CPA businessman Kaiser Olaso and Muslim leader and former Campo Islam Barangay Chairman Hadj Sandag.

District 2 slate is spearheaded by Nuño, council aspirants re-electionist Mike Alavar, VP Elago, and Percival Ramos, former city councilor Rey Candido, former CSWDO officer Kit Barredo, Tugbungan Barangay Chairman Jun Graciano, and Taluksangay Barangay Kagawad Beth Nuño. Former councilor Noning Biel is coalition’s  vice-mayoralty aspirant.