Musa says he’s shocked by Beng’s alleged lies on Masepla issue PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 April 2016 14:33


Indigenous Peoples’ representative Councilor Ismael Musa was shocked over the revelations of Mayor Beng Climaco with regards to the local government initiatives in the recent developments undertaken in the Masepla transitory site in Mampang.

Musa said that he did not expect the mayor to tell blatant lies in front of the IDPs themselves who are part of the sector represented during the recent debate sponsored by a private university and the Comelec.

“It is a big insult to us, the marginalized sector because we are being used and abused by the local officials, the mayor is misleading us with her revelations, she is not telling the truth, bien claro ta man-imbusteriyas el mayor canaton,” Musa lashed..

To his dismay, the city dad stated that he himself was not expecting Mayor Beng to utter those deceptions in a public forum, which Musa described as a real manifestation of fooling the people by way of informing them the divisive facts on the confronted issue.

“The Masepla issue is not political, it is a real issue and existing. She should confront it and tell the truth and not to mislead the public in general,” Musa said.

Musa said that he is hats off to Congressman Celso Lobregat for revealing the truth and informing the public of the real score about the facts of this timely issue during the same public forum last week.

Recall that Lobregat rebutted the mayor on this issue sensing that she was lying and confusing the public on this matter. Lobregat’s statement during the forum states:

“You mentioned Masepla and you mentioned the IDPs. Unfortunately, the City Government was asking for more houses to be built temporary, only to find out that there were 400 houses that were originally built, 161 were not occupied and were demolished by the City Government.”

“Why would the City Government ask for more houses, when they demolished their own houses? As for permanent relocation centers, Yes! We should build back not only better; we should build back the best.”

However, the permanent housing that were being turned-over, there is no water, there is no light, there’s no septic tank where people will place their waste. Thank you very much!”

Meanwhile, Mayor Beng answered back: “Hanggang kailan pa ba ang mga IDPs sa Masepla? Sa abot ng kaya ng pamahalaan, ang instruction ni Secretary Singson ay maibalik kayo sa mas mabilis na panahon sa inyong pinanggalingan. Bagama’t kailangan natin na may proper sanitation ang inyong mga tirahan. Gusto ko pong ipaliwanag sa lahat, yun po’ng hinahain nila ng issue sa Masepla ay natanggalan/nadecompose ang mga bahay at gusto pang magpatayo ng 200 permanent housing.”

“Ito po ay programa ng Archdiocese of Zamboanga together with DFAT para makalagay ng permanent housing at hindi transitory site. Gusto ko po’ng maging maliwanag dito sa ating forum sapagkat ginagamit itong issue as a political issue, ang issue ay 200 permanent housing para sa ating mga Samal at Badjao na untagged, iba po at hindi po sa Masepla sana klaro po sa inyo.”

Cong. Celso L. Lobregat: “I hope that in this forum we were supposed to tell the truth, the truth is the Amended Memorandum of Agreement that the City Government sent to the City Council for approval was for additional temporary housing to be done by IOM, not by the Archdiocese of Zamboanga which is permanent.

So hindi ito pulitika, ang nangyari ay nagpadala ng duly reviewed Memorandum of Agreement naghihingi ang City Government na magpatayo ng additional temporary housing sa MASEPLA, may obligation pa ang Barangay sa number 5. So please, let us be factual and let us be truthful”.

Musa said that the transcript of the exchange of facts and details of both officials reveals the manner how each one of them explained it on the public, and the people must be aware of the truth and so are the lies of the mayor herself. – Dexter Yap