Beng slams city dads on ‘blanket authority’ row PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 April 2016 13:56


Mayor Beng Climaco on Monday lashed back at her critics, saying that in her administration she has never sought neither will she ever seek for a blanket authority from the City Council unlike her predecessor.

Unlike the previous administration, Climaco declared: “I do not ask blanket authority from the members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod (City Council), and neither will I ever dictate them because they are duly elected officials of the city.”

Climaco said as chief executive she always presents to the Sangguniang members the projects for their approval as she recognizes their individual and collective powers, instead of asking them a blanket authority “for me to do things on my own” like the past administration.

“Yet, I was branded a dictator for something they (SP members) did not even give. Priority projects like the construction of Labuan Police Station was disapproved by the councilors,” Climaco lamented. “Ara, yo pa el dictator?” she asked.

“Por que man antes administracion ta dale sila blanket authority con el alcalde? Apruba y apruba sila. Ara kita alcalde ta presenta kanila kay chene sila mga utuk. Ya bota kanila mga hente, tiene sila derecho para mira conestos mga proyecto. Por que sila ya para en contra? Sila el debe contesta con el mga hente,” Climaco said at Monday’s press briefing in City Hall.

“I seek the authority of the council, because there is a violation in the Garcia law that you do not submit lump sum projects to the Sangguniang Panlungsod without recognizing their authority. I, as mayor, recognize the authority of the Sangguniang Panlungsod and I presented it to them,” Climaco averred.

According to her, the councilors as members of the legislative body given the mandate by the people should have utilized due diligence and supported these projects “because we are seeking their permission, seeking their authority to approve them.”

Aside from the Labuan Police Station, the controversial list of projects disapproved by one vote included a school building and slope protection.

Climaco hopes that the coming set of legislators will be supportive of the people and not of a particular person.— Vic Larato