Monsi: ‘Celso has been tried, tested and found lacking’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 April 2016 13:57

Congressional candidate Monsi Dela Cruz has reiterated that the problems besetting Zamboanga City today are not new and should have been solved many years ago.

“The failure to solve these myriad of problems is the legacy of my opponent, the incumbent Congressman of District 1,” Dela Cruz said.

Reacting to previous statements made by his rival, Monsi declared: “Celso wants to bore us with his supposed long list of projects to solve the problems of the city. He acts like we owe him gratitude for doing his job and what is demanded of him as a public servant. But the truth is, his supposed projects are not enough because our people are still suffering from the same problems, some of which worsened under his watch. Now we have almost no water. He banners his alleged accomplishments on water projects, but why  is that the people are still suffering?”

Dela Cruz goes on to point out that his rival has been a two-term congressman of the lone District of Zamboanga from 1998 to 2004 or six years. He then became Mayor from 2004 to 2013 or nine years. Then congressman again of District 1 from 2013 to present. “Since the death of former Mayor Maria Clara Lobregat, whom Monsi says he deeply admires and respects, the son has been the single putative leader of the city.”

“His perceived control of the City council and both congressional districts at that time is unrivalled in recent history,” Dela Cruz said.

Monsi also points out that as Mayor, he (Lobregat) had the opportunity to appoint all the members of the Board of the Zamboanga City  Water District. Yet despite the powers and resources of his office, Lobregat failed to forestall a water crisis which has been a recurring problem even during his time as mayor.

“We made a move to the right direction when we elected Mayor Beng as Mayor in 2013. But she needs our help in order to solve the problems of the City. And my rival has proven time and again that he is not that person to give that help and support. In his desire to be Mayor again, he even undermines the efforts of our lady-mayor. His love of power is higher than his love for the city,” Dela Cruz said.

“When all a leader can do in a time of crisis is point to his supposed accomplishments and shrug ‘it could have been worse…’ then we know that he has not done enough. I do not dispute Celso’s ‘notes and list of accomplishments’ but I face the people and ask ‘what has he really accomplished?’ Celso has been tried, tested and found lacking. That is why I present myself to the voters of District 1. I can declare, with all humility and respect, that I will do better,” the servant leader said.