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Thursday, 14 April 2016 11:10

District 2 Councilor Percival Ramos on Wednesday  called on Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar to respect the decision of the majority of the members of the City Council in matters of best interest for the city which for them is a priority than anything else.

Ramos was reacting to Climaco’s statement issued during a press briefing in city hall Monday, branding the councilors as “saboteurs”  after they declined to approve her request for authority on nine controversial projects.

Climaco blamed the so-called majority bloc in the city council as responsible for the failure of the implementation of such projects which for her is a priority in her present administration.

“Porque man antes administracion ta dale sila blanket authority con el alcalde? Apruba y apruba sila. Ara kita alcalde ta presenta kanila kay chene sila mga utuk. Ya bota kanila mga hente, chene sila derecho para mira conestos mga proyekto. Por que silaya para en contra? Sila el debe contesta con el mga hente,”Climaco said at Monday’s press briefing in city hall.

Ramos said that if Climaco believes in them that they have the “brains”, so she must respect their decision on the said matter because the majority is not a “walk-out” majority, but are duly elected officials who are protecting the best interest of the city.

“We are just protecting public funds, tiene ya duda y claro anomalia na asunto de Masepla, poreso con quidao kame con este siguiente asunto, baca egual lang tamen anomaloso,” Ramos said.

In a press conference, Ramos presented to reporters the already signed contract of the proposed nine projects which the mayor is still seeking for city council’s authority.

“Mira ustedes, bien claro na mga ebidensya, ya pirma ya el mayor con el mga contrata pati el mga contratista con quien guinda este mga negotiated projects antes ele pidi na consejo el authority, claro cay done deal ya este,” Ramos said.

In the document presented by Ramos, the mayor has approved the implementation of such projects in a negotiated contract and an emergency proposition catching up deadlines and taking advantage of the dry spell as she has justified. However, not getting a nod in the city council made it in limbo and caught the ire of the mayor to make public her disgust to those who declined to give her the authority in implementing such projects.

Ramos said that the majority bloc in the council decided to refer it to the Committee on Infrastructure to conduct a further study and review the necessary attachments before they will approve  it to ensure its orderliness and legalities.

On March 21,2016 the councilors received a text message from the council secretariat for them to have a special session the next day, March 22, while on Holy week break.

Ramos said they became suspicious when they were urged to sign the granting of authority to the mayor for such projects immediately without further study, and even the allies of the mayor in the city council also insisted them to support the aid proposal.

“She (Beng)  was asking for authority but she already signed the contracts, what is that? Si nuay gaha kame utuk, siguro ya pasa ya ese na consejo serao ojos, but we are not like that, we are protecting public interest here, ara kame pa el malo, quien ba el ta abla mintira?,” Ramos said. — Dexter Yap