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Friday, 15 April 2016 15:06

Congressional Aspirant  for  District  1 Monsi  Cris  Dela  Cruz feels  elated  as  he is   warmly  received by   residents of the   different  barangays in the  1st District during his  campaign sorties   together with    Mayor Beng Climaco   and the  whole   yellow  team.

Monsi  would   like  to   express  gratitude to all    his  supporters.   “  I would like to thank  all my supporters  from  the barangays in the West Coast. Thank  you for  your  unwavering  support.  I am committed to give my best for our dear people and the City of Zamboanga. ”   the servant  leader said.    When asked how  he feels   about how he   is  doing with his campaign: “ Bien  leviano   gayot este kampanya.    Ta rindi yo  gracias con todo.  Trabaha lang kita.”

In   his    private capacity,   Monsi is known to be a builder,  someone who has   foresight and who can  get things done. Some of his  accomplishments  include the  rehabilitation of  the    Barangay Mercedes Water  System. To date, one of the best water system   throughout the country.   He was also instrumental    in  making   it possible     the availability of   the    area  for  a  water pumping site  in  Governor Camins  which  provides   water to the city  particularly in  these times of  crisis.

The servant  leader has   a pro- active approach in addressing our  energy woes.  “I am open to cheaper and better alternative sources of energy.  Considering that ZAMCELCO is in a  financial  mess    reforms and rehabilitation is a must.

Dela  Cruz   also   founded  two colleges both in the   1st and 2nd  district    that caters mostly  to poor students including   subsidies  for our  public  school  teachers  in the islands.

“I appeal to  our dear  voters in  the   first  district to   give me the  chance to  serve  for one term and  witness for  yourselves    my    brand of servant- leadership”, Monsi said.