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Saturday, 16 April 2016 13:21


District 1 House Representative Celso Lobregat defended his entire slate and fellow aspirants in the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP), Nacionalista Party (NP) and Adelante Zamboanga Party (AZAP) coalition or popularly known as “Team Colorao” against allegations of their political rival branding their candidates as anti-development officials.

Lobregat said that contrary to what their opponents claimed as dishing some propaganda in order to discredit the present local administration of Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, what they are presenting to the people are the real and truthful issues in the city today.

“We are not creating these issues. These are real, it’s happening and we have the documents to prove it. Hende boca-boca lang, con ebidensya este mga asunto del ciudad,” Lobregat said.

He said the Zamboangueños deserve to know the truth about the state of the city, its present concerns affecting the majority and the actions being done by their elected officials.

“The truth is out there and so are those lies of the mayor on the issues of Masepla contract extension. The controversial nine projects and other investigations which are deniedby her and that’s why it is important for the public to know the truth about these issues. That’s why we are presenting it,” Lobregat said.

The solon has gathered substantial documents on the controversial Memorandum of Agreement on the construction of additional temporary shelters in Masepla, as well as the contracts of the nine projects already signed by the mayor, but was not given authority by the majority of the members of the city council instead was referred to the Committee on Infrastructure.

Lobregat said that telling the truth to the public with substantial evidences is not a propaganda, and they are just answering the criticisms of their opponents who branded them as “Team Sangga-Sangga” and “saboteurs”.

“How can the facts be a propaganda. Ta contesta lang kame el mga alegasyon diila contra coneste grupo, cosa-cosa sila ta abla mintira, ara ta abla kame el verdad con bastante ebidensya, ta rabya sila,” Lobregat said.

“The Mayor and Vice-Mayor came from our group, they know the track record of their former colleagues. they can’t deny that fact, and now that they have separated from us and joined our detractors. They now branded their former group as enemies and saboteurs,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat said that “Team Colorao” still maintains politics with integrity and he will never abandon it.

He  clarified that it was Climaco and Ituralde who left their group. – Dexter Yap