Monsi to assist Beng’s program PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 April 2016 14:55

Congressonal seat aspirant  for District  1 Monsi Cris Dela  Cruz  is committed to work and assist the city government in  the areas  of Security, Health, and Education.

“ There should be no room for competition or insecurity. The common  good and welfare  of  our constituents  are foremost in our order of priorities,” Monsi said in a statement.

“During the time when  Mayor Beng Climaco was in Congress for nine years , she  ably assisted  the mayor. As I always  say,   we should  help   the mayor bring  progress to  Zamboanga and  not  be  a hindrance  to  development, because in the  end it will be the  residents of the  city who will suffer. On   top  of what I have to  do   when  elected  as  representative,   I will continue with my medical outreach,  scholarships for many deserving students, and  help   come   up  with  more  job opportunities for our young people,” Dela Cruz said.

“Let us  stop  dirty politics, and call for change and progress in the  first district and  the rest of Zamboanga. Mayor Beng needs the pro-active collaboration of both congressional representatives. I am committed to complement  and assists her once elected  congressman.  I am  committed to be a  team player,” the servant leader urged