Records speak for itself on what I’ve done for Zambo’s water system — Celso PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 April 2016 11:59


District 1 House Representative Celso Lobregat bannered his accomplishments in initiating extra efforts during his term as mayor and present term as congressman.

Lobregat was reacting to critics who claimed he did nothing to solve the water crisis the city has been facing every year which is being worsened this time due to the El Niño phenomenon.

Lobregat said that the protection of environment and delivery of clean potable water were part of their platform of governance and the Contract of Unity and Continuity Towards a More Developed, Peaceful and Progressive Zamboanga City, and that is to protect the city’s environment, particularly its forest, marine, and water resources, and to provide and assist in the delivery of clean potable water to its residents and to continue to implement measures to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“In our contract with the Zamboangueños, we make sure that we look into the basic needs of our people, and we are on track in looking for solutions to the problem in our water supply,” Lobregat said

As a former local chief executive, the Lobregat administration has allocated P114.67 million for the purchase of water pipes covering a total of 212.666 kilometers in partnership with Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD).

Lobregat has initiated the Joint Venture Agreement and Bulk Water Purchase Agreement to provide 50 million liters per day additional water to Zamboanga City which was initiated on October 5,2012 with the creation of Joint Venture Selection Committee.

It was also during the Lobregat administration that Manila Water and ZCWD signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for feasibility study to upgrade the city’s  water system, which was consequently accepted in principle by the ZCWD Board on September 23,2011.

In 2009, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was also signed by the city government of Zamboanga represented by Lobregat and ZCWD for the establishment of a Sewage Treatment Plant which is now functional.

Lobregat also facilitated in resolving the issue on National Wealth Sharing between the city government and ZCWD after more than 37 years where barangays gained P12.5M pesos.

“If my opponent is bannering his initiative in facilitating only one barangay water system, well here’s for the record on what I have done on this aspect,” Lobregat said.

During his time as a mayor, Lobregat administration has allocated some P114,667,436.81 million for the ZCWD expansion program on Barangay Water System facilities in the entire city, which also consist some 212,666 linear meters of pipelines in the barangays.

Similarly, under Lobregat’s stewardship, new Barangay Water Systems were also established under the ZCWD expansion programs which consists the Labuan Water System, Cabaluay, Tolosa, Lansones, Guisao, tolosa-Cacao, Tictapul-Licomo-Vitali, Lapakan-Cabaluay, Patalon, Vitali, Dumalon-Zambales, Capisan-Malagutay-San Roque-Calarian-Cawit-Sinunuc-Maasin Water Systems.

“With the countless efforts initiated, the people have seen how I supported and initiated expansions and enhancements on the Barangay Water System programs on the city, as I have said before, the best is already here,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat said that if his critics are blaming him for all the problems the city is facing at present, he simply said that he is not the mayor now and those things being experienced today didn’t happened during his past administration.

The solon said he was factual and truthful in his initiatives with a bullish attitude in realizing better water facilities and services to the constituents.

“The city is continuing to harvest the fruits of the seeds that were planted in the past, if my administration did nothing on this matter, I think we will be experiencing a more serious effects on the scarcity of water,” Lobregat said. – Dexter Yap