Celso to Beng: ‘Why get mad on legitimate issues?’ PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 April 2016 13:46


Congressman Celso Lobregat has called on Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar and his political rivals to answer truthfully the legitimate issues his red team has been revealing to the public in their political sorties.

Lobregat said that Salazar should not become onion skinned and continue issue misleading statements on legitimate issues.

“El demiyo grupo ta descuti kame mga asunto del pueblo con bastante documento, ebidensia y mga retrato. El grupo de Beng  masquin cosa lang ta tira canamon sin ebidensia, hasta below the belt ya, sila mismo sabe se,” Lobregat said.

The solon said that when his group exposed the MASEPLA issue, the 9 contracts and at present the questionable purchase of a costly mobile medical vehicle, these are legitimate issues which the public deserves to know, and it is their duty as public officials to make sure that everything is transparent to the people whom they are serving.

“Team Colorao has a strong commitment to the Zamboangueños that we will be their leaders who will live by example in protecting the best interest of the people,” Lobregat stressed.

Headded that in their contract with the people, they pledged to actively pursue a clean, honest, competent, responsible, and effective government committed to the principles of transparency, sound fiscal management, public accountability, and participatory democracy. To streamline and simplify government procedures which includes the use of information technology and computerization. To eliminate red tape and opportunities for corruption, and to continue to maintain the special barangay affairs office to attend exclusively to the transactions and activities of the City’s barangays with the local government.

“We are bound to follow our agenda to express to the people that we mean business in pursuing those objectives, and we are on track... Hende igual con otro, nuay rumbo!” Lobregat chided.

He said the Zamboangueños should be aware that his team which is dominant by majority in every local elections in the city is very determined in protecting the best interest of the people as what they have been doing for many years and this integrity carried on until present.

“This team is tried and tested and more importantly, can be trusted. We pursue a government of transparency and accountability which is very vital and should be trailed,” Lobregat said.

It is for the same reasons that the uncovering of controversies under the present administration is in the offing and a big challenge for the “Team Colorao” to continue that legacy. – Dexter Yap