Woman loses P92k to ‘budol budol’ gang PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 April 2016 13:52

Con persons  from the notorious “budol-budol” gang struck anew victimizing a 77-year-old woman last Thursday afternoon.

The victim was identified as Crisanta Ruiz y Tanaan, a widow of Tumaga.

Ruiz told the police that around 1:27 p.m. she met a man and a woman who were not known to her in downtown Zamboanga City.

Executing the same modus operandi, the con men pretended they don’t know each other and both were looking for something to buy as they alleged they were engaged in a business.

At first, the male suspect pretended to be the friend of the victim then the female suspect appeared and they had a conversation.

The suspects then invited the victim to ride into a van that roamed around the city proper.

Amid their conversation, the suspects were able to convince the old woman to withdraw her P92,000 and gave it to the m including her Iphone 6 worth P30,000 and a Nokia cellphone worth P5,000.

Then the suspects handed to the victim a small kiddie bag saying that her cash, Iphone and cellphone were kept inside together with the suspects’ millions of pesos.

The con couple left the victim along Veterans Avenue saying that they would return to get back their money but the victim later discovered that the bag given to her contained grade one pad cut into paper bill size. — Dan Toribio