Celso slams mudslinging PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 24 April 2016 14:57

Congressman and “Team Colorao” standard bearer Celso Lobregat has called on political opponents from “Team Amarillo” to play a good game in politics and don’t wash their faces in the mudslinging that they are doing at present against his line-up.

Lobregat was reacting to  the series of attacks done by opponents calling the red team “saboteurs” and “anti-progress”.

“Before they throw mud on us, they must check first that their hands and faces are not dirty,” Lobregat said.

Lobregat said that even though propaganda and criticisms are a given aspect in any or every political exercise, the manner “Team Amarillo” is doing in hitting him and his team is below the belt.

“When we react to their statements maligning our group, we present evidences to counter it and tell the truth to the people with concrete evidences, gende de boca-boca lang como cosa sila ta hace,” Lobregat said.

Issues raised by the Lobregat critics were his alleged dictatorship style of leadership  as well as the allegations on influencing the party decision in any matter concerning the affairs of the city.

“Tell me now who is the dictator, example, Mayor Beng, she rushly pushed to seek the approval by the council on the controversial nine projects, now that she wasn’t able to get the majority’s consent, she used it against them and called them saboteurs. Who is the dictator now?”, Lobregat asked.

The solon clarified that eventhough how seriously they are castigated in rallies of “Team Amarillo” this doesn’t affect their eagerness to explain to the people the truth about the baseless allegations of their opponents.

Lobregat said that the evidences, photos, documents they are showing to the people in defense of their team is factual and truthful and not mere allegations or “wind-catching”.

“Evidences don’t lie, official government transactions, photos, videos and officials signed documents are our legal basis on the issues they are raising against us, they are consistent liars, aren’t they ashame, they tell lies in front of the constituents,” Lobregat said. – Dexter Yap