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Monday, 25 April 2016 11:49


Team Colorao standard bearer Congressman Celso Lobregat questioned the consistency of  “Team Amarillo” on the prevailing power problem  of Zamboanga City.

Lobregat said the said oppoising political group is “wishy-washy” and looks like “circus” in their conflicting positions regarding the power issue.

The solon said they are not wondering why “Team Amarillo” can not discuss straight forward the power issue other than destroying the personal image of aspirants Rudy Lim and Vic Liozo as former Board of Directors of ZAMCELCO “because they themselves cannot take collective position on the matter.”

Team Amarillo had branded Lim and Liozo as unworkable Board of Directors of ZAMCELCO for not taking initiatives and unable to resolve the present power problem.

Lobregat said that casting stones on his candidates is tantamount to blaming also the past president of ZAMCELCO who is running with the yellow team (Elbert Atilano) on what he did during his term as President of ZAMCELCO which even cost his political career.

“Mira ustedes, daw na circus sila si cuento de coriente el descuti cay otro-otro el posisyon del diila mga uban aserca coneste asunto, tiene ta anda pabor, tiene contra, mientras el demiyo grupo, un posisyon lang kame tiene,” Lobregat said.

He said that “Team Colorao” is very consistent in their agenda and position on energy, strongly supporting the establishment of base-load power plants in Zamboanga City consistent with environmental laws and policies given the growing demand and limited supply of power in the entire Mindanao; ensuring that hydro power remains a major source of power in Mindanao and to sustain Mindanao’s competitive advantage in power rates, the Agus and Pulangi hydropower complexes must be regularly and properly maintained, and efficiently managed and should remain in the hands of the government.

Lobregat said they have a very strong position and action on the matter which forms part of their platform of government in the so called “ Contract Contract of Unity and Continuity Towards a More Developed, Peaceful and Progressive Zamboanga City.

Mayor Beng Climaco is always saying to the public that ZAMCELCO’s hands are tied up with the SRPI contract which prevented them from sourcing out other possibilities and further contracts on more lower rates compared to the one being agreed by both parties earlier.

Congressman Lobregat then reminded Climaco to be consistent with her statements in order not to mislead the public on such issues.

“Let us be consistent with what we say. Somebody said earlier that she was for the rescinding  of the contract with SRPI. Who signed the contract with SRPI, somebody who is running as councilor in her council slate,” Lobregat said.

Recall that Councilor Josephine “Pin-Pin” Pareja is very open in her strong opposition against SRPI contract and even went to the extent of spearheading a mass protest in Talisayan when the signing of the SRPI contract is done in Zamboecozone, San Ramon on January 27,2013.

Councilor Jawo Jimenez who campaigns for his father for a council seat is also very vocal in opposing the initiatives of ZAMCELCO in power generation as well as the SRPI contract.

While ZAMCELCO Board president Elbert Atilano  spearheaded the officials of the local electric cooperative in the signing of contract with SRPI for the establishment of a 100-Megawatt coal-fired power plant costing P12 billion in San Ramon, Barangay Talisayan.

“Where is the consistency there, Climaco, Pareja, Jimenez were against the SRPI contract, then Atilano is the one who signed it in behalf of ZAMCELCO who is one of her council-aspirant also, and all of them are together in one group,what is that?” Lobregat said.

The solon said that the contracts with Mapalad Power Corporation (MPC) and Western Mindanao Power Corporation (WMPC) has created a huge impact in addressing the present power problem in the city. ZAMCELCO contracted and renewed 18MW power from MPC while 50MW from WMPC last year to avert the present power problem the city is facing.

“Can you imagine Zamboanga City suffering from 10 hours blackout without these contracts from MPC and WMPC, but still the mayor and her team is criticizing these efforts of ZAMCELCO and its board of directors,” Lobregat said.

Meanwhile, former ZAMCELCO directors Rudy Lim and Vic Liozo also said their piece in reaction to the statements of Mayor Climaco branding them as ineffective directors of the local electric cooperative.

Lim said the Mayor is not at hand with the power issue having such reactions, saying that she has no concrete statements on the matter.

“It goes to show that the mayor doesn’t know what is happening in the power situation of the city, she is even unaware of the positive developments in ZAMCELCO,” Lim said.

Vic Liozo also reacted in saying that the Mayor herself can check the official records of ZAMCELCO on what they have done in deterring further extensive power problem of the city.

Liozo said that during their term of office in ZAMCELCO board, they have facilitated the contracting of some 50 Megawatts power supply from WMPC plant in Sangali, 28MW from San Miguel Power,passed a resolution for purchase of 18MW from GEN Power and renewed the MAPALAD contract. – DEXTER YAP