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Saturday, 16 July 2011 16:24

Finding solution to the never ending problem of the Local Water District (LWD) –Social Security System (SSS) issue on premiums faced by water districts is currently one of the priority plans of the Philippine Association of Water Districts (PAWD), an organization composed of 594 members nationwide.

On the local level, ZCWD has been doing its best to address this issue. Since year 2009, the office started the reconciliation of records of its employees’ SSS premium payments  and loan repayment from 1981 to 1992.  The accomplished reconciled report was submitted to the SSS office, Zamboanga Branch in January 2010.

On February 11, 2011, the SSS issued a check payable to ZCWD amounting to Php1,271,419.38 for the office to distribute to concerned employees. However, the office refused to accept the check since there was no attached list of itemized amounts to be refunded to the employees.

Second, ZCWD refused to receive the check because the office believes it is unfair to the employees, in view of the fact that the amount was less than what was the expected to be refunded including the interest earned during all the years the money was with SSS.

Third, ZCWD does not have the authority to receive the amount in behalf of the employees, since there is a need for each employee to assess whether or not the amount being returned by SSS may be deemed acceptable or not.  ZCWD believes that it is the SSS’ mandate to make the refund to its members individually.
Only the folder of Memoranda and a Circular relative to Supreme Court decisions on LWD were received by the office

ZCWD has already sent communications to SSS Zamboanga Branch and to Department Head and Chairperson Maria L. Tizon of the LWD Task Force Working Committee requesting for an itemized list to ascertain the premium contribution that is being refunded to the employees. 
However, as of to date, no listing was received by ZCWD from the SSS. — Press release