ISIS ideology a scam, not Islamic PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:31

Any act of fraud or dishonest scheme is considered a scam. This “scam” is known to deceive people by one's interests and is performed by dishonest individuals and or group.

To illustrate, internet scams, investment scams, identity theft scams, employment scams and many more, and is currently played in the great role of the people around the world. Deceiving people of the entire world through religion, portrayin different images to the minorities and will affect the entire identity of the groups. Scam comes in different forms and are hard to identify by whether it is a legitimate actions or not, or religious based or not. Lack of awareness with this publicity may lead to destruction of one's life.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is one of the other extremist groups currently terrorizing the world by using the concept of “Jihad”under Islamic law as their “IDEOLOGY”. The group is like other groups broadcasting in every part of this world of this generation a false information of what is all about Islam. They give out misinterpretation of the Shari’a law. Their radical activities deceive the people especially the Muslim communities around the world for their own benefits which is to destroy the religion of Islam; to discourage the people who embraced Islam as their new religion; and communities enjoyed their life living in harmonious relationship along with other faiths.

Moreover, because of their eagerness to achieve ruthless reputation they do all what it takes even if it means killing the innocents not just those who are not Muslims, but also people of other faiths and religions. They are one of those violent groups which are out to deceive young people who are fragile and questioned their identity, as basis to what they think is due them (youth).

In order, to extend the misinterpretation about Islamic ideology, the mass media is one of the identified victims of the wrong ideology and adapt what is not genuine because of their pretentions, undeniably documentations of the activities. ISIS even makes use of the media, internet and worse the people to spread their wrong doings and to gain prominence.

ISIS ideology is not Islamic, but totally a SCAM, which needs to be addressed by every individual. Let us all be vigilant of every activity conducted in our communities, especially if this is related to religion. It follows an extremist interpretation of ISLAM. Accordingly, the ISIS as a group referred itself as to Islamic State which claims their activities are religious, political and military authority over all Muslims worldwide. However, their actions do not reflect the religion's real teachings. They have gone astray from the true religion of Islam. They wanted to expand their group and thus bribing people to get their loyalty. Their leaders show up to be successors of the Prophet Muhammad and they seek allegiance of all devout Muslims, but their doings actually mislead believers of Islam. Most of them are just in disguise who claim to be jihadist group, but promotes only religious violence. They want Muslims to conform with their ideology and beliefs for them to achieve what they really want. With the videos they showed thru media and internet, they can easily convert one's emotions to do just the same.

Also, youth radicalization is fast growing in numbers as this is encouraged by the extremist group. Most of the youth arer misguided and are easily engaged to participate to this group. The same thing when people don’t have exact and broader knowledge about the true call of Islam. The ignorance, leads people to undesirable answers which make them believe only what others tell them to. This is an individual's weakness in which ISIS take it for granted. A wider knowledge is badly needed by Muslims who seek for the truth. ISIS will continue to conquer every Muslim areas and this must be prevented. Activities engaging everyone especially the youth in good practices are needed in every society. It will help them open up their minds for the possibilities of having a peaceful life.

Furthermore, Da'wah (dialogue)must be a major activity in the community to strengthen the true teachings of Islam and its relationship to other faiths. The religious leaders, such as Ulamas and Pastor must be accountable in leading to stop this social coercion, which is not merely just a security state responsibility.They are the right persons to educate the community,  may it be a Muslim dominated or a diverse one. Hence, the religious leaders believe that Islam is a religion of “peace” and Christianity is a religion of “love”, and that there is no religion that talks or vocal about terrorism or any extremist activities. ISIS activities are entirely different and are rejected by the Muslim community around the world. What the ISIS is showing up is to deteriorate the innocent mind of the young people and people with other beliefs.

The Ulamas and the Bishops are known as the advocates of the true and exact verse as a message from the Almighty God. For the community to have a strong beliefs and trust to the people of other faiths. The Ulamas and other religious leaders must take action on the issues concerning the legitimacy of any activity related to religion. They have the full knowledge about Islam; also this will provide the avenue to strengthen the relationship among the people in a diverse community.

The need to have more infrastructure in the Muslim community, as foundation towards educating the young Muslim, children will be trained more to be the true believer of Islam and educate them about the 5 pillars of Islam and 6 articles of faith. Strengthen the initiative in building networks and linkages by distributingof reading materials related to Islam and other religions.